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Rejoignez notre chaîne pour avoir accès à des avantages : Nooooooo ! Honnêtement, ma réaction à la plupart d’entre eux. Des moments où même les combattants les plus aimés de l’histoire du MMA ont renversé le scénario et ressemblaient davantage au méchant. Aimez, partagez et abonnez-vous à notre chaîne si vous aimez notre contenu. Suivez-nous sur les réseaux sociaux à : Twitter : Tommy's Twitter : Max's Twitter : #ufc #mma #mmaonpoint #danawhite

35 Responses

  1. Yoooooo just wanted to hop in the comments right quick and say Jon Jones isn't on here because well… a lot of people don't like him lol so he didn't really fit our beloved fighter criteria. Which, I know nobody is universally loved but the rest of the entries were closer to that than JBJ.

  2. The fucking dictator and disregard for human rights by them makes the fighters imbeciles. You know how to google where you’re going, you can learn a new technique, you can learn about the current events of the country you’re visiting.

    That means don’t give them a platform don’t make them look friendly, don’t allow to be used for sportswashing god damn MURDERERS.

    It’s just disappointing as a public figure selling themselves out completely – morally and more.

  3. My big one for me that’s adjacent to #1 is Fedor. I know it really shouldn’t have been a surprise on my part. But still…god it sucks.

  4. 10:27 isnt it crazy how the left in the U.S. is literally doing all of those things as well yet aren't considered human rights violators? Strange how that works, its almost as if the glowing box tells you how to think.

  5. Aldo had no choice. Lots of his fam is still in Brazil. He could make life more difficult for them. And trust meI don't put it past this dude

  6. 2 things to note from this video, Anderson silva already had signs of PED usage earlier in his career. There was a UFC embedded video where you can see HGH and needles in the background (you can check MPMD for that). Also effects of steroids continue without use of the actual steroid, thus meaning you will have a higher performance post-usage, even though you aren't necessarily using it at the time.

  7. Man the situation with tony was just made to be dramatic for the show like its a valid diss so why is everyone so fked up about it 🤡 maybe get your kid back instead of drinking and fighting on tv bozo

  8. One thing a lot of fighters do is casual homophobia and it turns me off a lot of fighters, mostly male ones. Chandler also said there is only 2 genders like he was born in 1950. With fighters dropping slurs in post fight interviews like it ain't no thing I understand the fanbase a lot more. The majority of fans and fighters are conservatives, and it shows in what they choose to say. It's not necessarily about who you vote for but about who they tell their fans to hate and boom gay hate crimes.

  9. Very pleased to see that the #1 spot was the right #1. Ugh. Also, when Mayhem's # came up, I visibly frowned and felt bad. That one always hurts. Also glad to see Jon Jones wasn't on here, the prick!

  10. Khabib supporting the beheading of that french teacher by islamic extremists was in poor taste but I guess he wasn't beloved to begin with

  11. So you put DC's towel gate that didn't hurt anyone but leave out him poking stipes eyes out and leaving him to dry out for a year just to fight Brock? Makes sense.

  12. You're lokking for somebody, who doesn't like Tony Ferguson? Here I am. Granted, my first time watching him fight was the loss to gaethie. But I am just no fan of his borderline mad personality. I do respect him though, tge same way I respect every fighter.

  13. I dont like Tony. I used to be part of the MMA hive mind that made me like him just because everyone else did. But to me, there has just been way too much wild shit to say I like him. Dislike is strong, but more like I’m concerned for his long term health. As a fighter he’s ridiculous, but his mind, as impressive as his work ethic is, is not well. Not to mention the questionable drunken comments and actions