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Brett Okamoto et Ian Parker d'ESPN MMA récapitulent l'UFC Fight Night de samedi à Las Vegas et donnent leurs meilleurs paris pour la prochaine UFC Fight Night à Atlantic City, dans le New Jersey, avec le combat des poids mouches féminins entre Erin Blanchfield et Manon Fiorot et l'événement co-principal des poids welters entre Vicente. Luque et Joaquín Buckley. Bienvenue sur ESPN BET, le bookmaker officiel d'ESPN. Visitez pour plus d’informations. Doit avoir 21 ans et plus. Veuillez jouer de manière responsable. Problème de jeu ? Appelez le 1-800-GAMBLER. ✔ Obtenez l'application ESPN : ✔ Abonnez-vous à ESPN sur YouTube : ✔ Abonnez-vous à ESPN FC sur YouTube : ✔ Abonnez-vous à NBA sur ESPN sur YouTube : ✔ Regardez ESPN sur YouTube TV :

48 Responses

  1. The side by side at 4:02 is hilarious. Looks like a pesky little snot nose teen taking on a distinguished athlete. The body difference is insane.

    Blanchfield by sub

  2. Win or lose, how can you honestly justify a bet on Chidi? He is dropping to 170. You have no clue how that weight cut will go and back in 2018, he came off a loss and said he would never drop to 170 again bc he felt it did permanent damage to his body and now you think at 35 esp when he's been gassing in like 1 minutes that it's supposed to get better? Win or lose, that's a terrible bet imo and a fight to stay away from. Its messing with fights like that, that long-term is what costs you and you would become a way better bettor learning from awful spots like that. Good bets dont always win, bad bets dont always lose and that's a bad bet.

  3. Manon doesn't have knockout power. Her last tko was in 2021 against someone fighting up a weight class on their debut and on 5 days notice.

  4. Initially (9 march) bets were :
    Blanchfield 2.40 – 1.63 Fiorot (!)

    And odds then only moved depending on… players bets !.. which are Americans, that's why Fiorot is now…"underdog" ( for the evolution graph type "oddspedia Fiorot Blanchfield").
    Bettors could testify, but for me it's the most biased odds by bets becoming aberrant that I've seen so far in MMA

  5. Yeah Ian Parker one of best tipsters out there I won nearly 10g’s off his tips for ufc Brazil a couple of months back from his tip of dalby and Angela hill and jailton Almeida I put a bet on a multi and parlay and cleaned up from Parker’s tips this show one of best tip shows out there.

  6. Two picks that are GUARANTEED, thank me later:

    Fiorot: Blanchfield has horrible striking and no power, Fiorot is stronger and bigger and will stuff all of her takedowns and might even prove a point and take down Erin. I guarantee this is an easy W for Fiorot

    Ruziboev: Dumas is a glorified amateur street fighter, Ruziboev is going to destroy him mark my words, Dumas struggled with Abu Azaitar for f*cks sake!

    If you want to make money take those two, coming from somebody who knows what they're talking about

  7. shook my head "no, no, no, no" the entire time. If Blanchfield loses and Fiorot wins, I'll apologize, otherwise, I feel many of these betting outlets have "disinformation" aimed motives.

  8. Blanchfield way better wrestler, younger pushes the pace improving striking and better cardio Blanchfield all day 💪 💸

  9. Yeah disagree with the weidman pick you never pick a forty year old fighter at the tail end of their career who on there way out not a smart bet always go with the younger guy who heading in the upward jejectory not the downward like Chris it a more reliable bet and Chris by tko is not a realistic bet that has much likeley hood of hitting he ain’t t finished anyone for about fifty years.

  10. The bite was completely fucked and weird asf, but honestly I think the punishment was excessive. Should've been a hard warning, like it always has been, not an immediate dq and cut.

  11. Had a Heater of a 5 leg last week

    Got a similar play this week with similar long odds
    Chidi dropping down to welterweight,
    Buzukja in a bounce back spot
    Nate the train
    And Vicente about +2200 good luck boys

  12. im sorry but severino was NOT winning that fight dude was getting pieced up on the feet! thats why he bit buddy ass lmfao! severino was winning? were we watching the same fight? lol

  13. UFC Atlantic City Bets

    CORE Parley: Loughran + Buzukja/Matthews O1.5 + Blanchfield/Fiorot O1.5

    Add: Malkoun
    Add: Gatto
    Add: Aslan/Turkalj U2.5
    Add: Arce
    Add: Arce/Burns U2.5
    Add: Godinez (2 Units)
    Add: Godinez By DEC
    Add: Emmers
    Add: Landwehr/Emmers O1.5 (2U)
    Add: Njokuani/McKee U2.5 (2U)
    Add: Algeo (2U)
    Add: Ruziboev
    Add: B. Silva (2U)
    Add: Luque
    Add: Blanchfield