MMA Rashguards

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00:00 Aslan contre Turkalj 01:00 Buzukja contre Matthews 02:08 Arce contre Burns 03:09 Landwehr contre Emmers 06:23 Nelson contre Algeo 08:21 Ruziboev contre Boonk Gang 10:40 Weidman contre Silva 15:56 Buckley contre Luque

31 Responses

  1. Main card was worse! Than the prelims lmao. And Luque just did that old JDS tactic of just giving up. Nothing else to it. And Eyedman has been known to play the rules to win, typical American. Trash card but the guru stream was worth watching lol

  2. That Donald trump roided up oompa loompa really did ruin the entire card. Every fight he called was way way way too early. Unbelievable

  3. Genuinely think weidman might’ve watched that fight right before he came out and just said fuck it I guess eye pokes allowed tonight😂

  4. 17:10 that yell and then calmly correcting himself is the funniest part.
    You want to be so mad and yell, but then u fumble and mix up your words 😂

  5. The broadcasters said Luque brought his 84 yr old Grandfather & it was the first time he'd seen him fight in person. Great Performance for Grandpa

  6. Turkalj was finished, this guy is just angry since he picked him to win, Turkalj suffered so much brain damage in that match.

  7. notice the difference when its his pick that gets the early stoppage 😂With Aslan TKO hes like "could have let him land a few more shots" then with Luque just laying there while Buckley whales on him he says the whole promotion is rigged and starts throwing things around his room like a baby because he picked Luque 💀

  8. "you didn't pick Nate?"
    "no I picked Emmers to consistently land big shots on his chin in the first round"

    That was an option? 😂The mental gymnastics Piggy employs to convince himself he was still right after making the wrong picks is probably the most entertaining part of his streams 😂BTW it was +1000 for Nate KO/TKO imagine not putting a tenner on that 💀Common Guru picks L

  9. double eye poke TKO. Yikes. Embarrassing for the UFC. They are trying to make it a sport and they are failing. USADA pulling out, and now a double eye poke TKO. Tisk.