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Chris Weidman a triché avec des regards constants contre Bruno Silva à l'UFC Atlantic City pour obtenir une victoire, puis a ensuite blâmé son adversaire lors d'une conférence de presse d'après-combat sans classe. Je m'explique où il a triché à plusieurs reprises qui n'ont jamais été signalées par la diffusion de l'UFC. Weidman Cheating Supercut : Weidman Post Fight Presser : Devenez membre pour avoir accès à des avantages exclusifs : Faites un don via PayPal, tous les dons retournent sur la chaîne : Suivez-moi sur Twitter : Suivez-moi sur Instagram : Mon équipement Youtube Mon équipement Sony A6400 : Objectif Sigma 16 mm : Micro Shure SM7B : Interface audio Scarlett 2i2 : Carte de capture Elgato Camlink 4k : Elgato Stream Deck : Éclairage des touches Elgato (2) : Mic Cloud Lifter : Lampe Edison :

25 Responses

  1. I don’t always agree with everything you say MMNJoey but I completely agree that was horrible Weidman was desperate and new he’d get the calls especially after the ref was warning the shit outta him.
    Seems to be a theme over there with Longo’s team, celebrating like he won the belt, jumping out the cage and high fiving Hunter Campbell and anybody that would put they’re hand up.
    100% DQ but Atlantic City is a crooked ass place on top of it. Suspect as hell.
    You’ve got a new subscriber

  2. Joey love the channel , your the only American channel to speak the truth about American fighters. Chris Weidman and umpa lumpa ref were kissing each other back stage. Juiced up little wimpy ref had numerous fights this night and thought most of stoppages were terrible . Stopping fights as soon as someone looked rocked !! UFC is getting soft, more violence in boxing these days ie Frazer Clarke v Fabio Wardley

  3. Weidman clearly has a character problem… dude is comfortable with cheating and winning at all costs… dude celebrated like crazy when Silva broke his leg and then years later he broke his leg the same way… apparently he hasn't learned his lesson yet.

  4. The ref is also to blame. The first foul should be a warning. The second a point deduction. Maybe if that happens Weiden closes his fist…maybe 🙄😆

  5. When the decision was announced in the Mousassi fight, one of his men celebrated. Gegard stopped him, he wasn't celebrating that win & offered Weidman a chance to run it back. That was class.

  6. You're the man for this breakdown!!

    Wonder boy was in his corner. Maybe he was trying that long guard karate stance….. to cheat.

  7. First Aljo with the Oscar winning performance after the Yan knee then this. Their coaching staff knows how to take advantage of the rules

  8. I also watch some old fights highlights Chris is Cheater..
    1. He fense grab against Rockhold which prevented important take down.
    2. He eye pocked Yoel Romero badley.. Yamasaki rushed Romero to fught.
    3. He hit cheat low punches to Reyas thiught ref not watching.

    If i watch more could find more..

  9. A scumbag cheater? I think you’re being a little over the top Joey. I mean Jon Jones pokes eyes so many fights it’s been questioned whether it’s a strategy or not, then Weidman does it bad this fight and he’s a scumbag yet Jones is the greatest ever? It just doesn’t compute in my eyes. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get more commentary on this maybe on Ariel’s show or something this week from weidman saying it was a little extreme but that’s just my opinion thanks for yours Joey

  10. TBF he has sparred a lot with Bones before this fight .😎😎

    Only thing worse than MMA Joey is eyepokes. KARMA caught Chris Weidmans leg for celebrating over Anderson Silva.. EVERYBODY IS ON STEROIDS

  11. It should be run back on next weeks fight night.
    But Dude its a fight. I wouldnt say Weidman was doing this purposely. The Reffing should of been better.
    It Happened with Dumas as well. Shit happens and Reffing should of been better.
    I wouldnt call any of these fighters as doing it on purpose. Cmon..