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Actualités MMA aujourd'hui : 00:00 Les fans réagissent alors que Nick Diaz taquine son retour avec un message d'entraînement de six mots 00:41 Sean O'Malley a Conor McGregor en ligne de mire alors qu'il cherche à dépasser l'Irlandais en tant que plus grande star du sport 02:49 Bo Nickal exprime sa solidarité avec la vision du monde de Sean Strickland 04:14 Dustin Poirier explique pourquoi il a accepté d'affronter Benoit Saint Denis, moins bien classé, à l'UFC 299 05:45 Max Holloway explique la raison derrière le combat contre Justin Gaethje à l'UFC 300 07:35 Conor McGregor a fait une déclaration à Khabib Nurmagomedov Médias sociaux :

24 Responses

  1. there's only one sean who can be bigger than conor and that's sean strickland
    we need to stop pretending that conor's tweets make any sense

  2. No f**** way you got to a lot of people don't like Sean O'Malley sorry I think he's going to be big but he's no Conor McGregor hey pay-per-views will tell it all Conor McGregor does 3 million pay-per-views what does O'Malley do

  3. Who cares what that little nugget thinks or says!!! He got smashed easily it was not even a challenge for kahbib it was an easy pay day just like Dustin it was easy so nugget can think what he wants but we all no what the truth is so let him make up stories and look like idiot than he already does! Feed someone I. The top five and let them finish the little nugget off and send him packing!

  4. Bo 5 cents you first say you don't pay attention to what other Leight weight are doing then you act like a kid like always. First fella win a fight then you talk

  5. Khabib ate Conor's reputation alive. Conor will never be able to come out of this. He will gonna be a forever looser. He had huge potential but fame, money and drug made him into an evil

  6. GSP said it. Nick could have been as big as him in the sport if it wasnt for the 4 year 4 f0k1ng YEARS!! suspenssion. Tornished and ruining his carrer. Horrible. Let him be.😢