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Abonnez-vous à Full Mount MMA : ► MÉDIAS SOCIAUX : Twitter ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 00:00 – Daniel Cormier veut aider Sean Strickland avec ses problèmes de santé mentale 02:34 – Nick Diaz de retour ? 03:00 – Jan Blachowicz a subi sa deuxième opération à l'épaule 03:49 – Dominick Cruz AIME Mike Tyson contre Jake Paul ! 05:31 – Aljamain Sterling explique comment se déroule le camp pour le combat de Calvin Kattar à l'UFC 300 06:26 – Conor McGregor contre Michael Chandler FUITE ? 06:51 – Sean O'Malley CONFIRME que Merab est le prochain 07:38 – Principaux commentaires LIENS : #UFC #MMA #UFC300

40 Responses

  1. Sean didnt hold the belt long so im not sure he even misses it all that much lol it was more like a one night stand with a goddess 😂

  2. wtf? how can you leak a fight that has been being promoted since they filmed TUF together?! lmao the UFC leaked it themselves a f'n year ago

  3. Have to see how much chin Diaz has at 40, swinging is the easy part. GL though, defs think he's better than Nate.

  4. DC what a gentleman for reaching out to his brother DSean , also keep a spot ready for moron dweebasssmelly after he loses to Sean O Sally by getting ktfo 😂😭

  5. I'm sorry but I can't really feel any sympathy for Strickland, somebody that regularly talks crap about people's lifestyle, race, religion, and other people's mental health as well, even if this is his way of coping with his mental health, it's no excuse he shits on people on regular basis even when it doesn't concern him, again he is just this macho tough guy wannabe but he's really just a very sensitive guy who easily gets his feelings hurt

  6. Nick Diaz looked awful on the bag his old-school style isn’t going to stand up with the guys today. Dude can’t afford to take any unnecessary damage

  7. I would love to see Nick in a good shape fighting again thou it seems he got way too old to fight again. Diaz brothers will always be some of the most entertaining fighters to ever do it!🙌

  8. The entire MMA community: Mike Tyson shouldn’t be fighting a young Jake Paul
    Dom Cruz: I actually like this fight

    Another brilliant Dominick The Don Cruz moment 😂

  9. L move by DC for throwing it out about sean online. When a man is struggling, just do it in the shadows. The good work will come to light if it needs to by sean himself. just be the dudes friend without the gratification from the mma community bruh