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24 Responses

  1. The Joe Rogan comment speaks volume of how highly Dana respects Rogan and how highly he does not respect Mike Goldberg. Didn’t Mike Goldberg work for the UFC before Joe Rogan? lol. They let Goldberg go like he wasn’t shit. lol.

  2. I know jim has been in the ufc for a long time but the cte is this bad? No one throws a strike with open fingers. So fighters hold their hand out to manage the distance. Not everyone has the same style

  3. We are LUCKY! We live in a era of all kinds of stupid shit, but Dana is straight up, and the UFC wouldn't be the UFC without him. He and Joe are awesome. During COVID, it was held together cause of Dana.. wish that man was my boss

  4. Joe is bias on his commentary, any true fan knows this.
    Mike Goldberg is waaaaay better than Joe. When Mike was fired unfairly, Joe’s stock in UFC went up.

  5. Jim Miller is absolutely correct every eye poke one point guaranteed, I've watched this thing since day one and it's the only thing I'm sick of seeing, pro fighters moving backwards with open hands smh

  6. Thank god Rogan and Dana are still in the UFC…..who else is gonna screw over their fighters and go on rants about calf kick for the entire fight.

  7. Jim,Jim old boy biting is intentional poking is not it is more of an instinct reaction most of the times and its not throwing strike with stretched fingers it is reaction to opponent strike where they try to upush it away and you push away with palms open not with fists.
    .Also if we go by that logic is foot toe in the eye allowed from kick but with fingers of hand is not?why?it is protect yourself at all times ,and it is your problem you can't react fast enough to avoid a poke….

  8. The argument doing the comparison between an eye poke and a bite, is stupid, an eye poke CAN be by mistake, and a fucking bite OBVIOUSLY never can be a simple mistake, I thought Jim Miller was smart enough but is disappointing to hear his argument.