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30 Responses

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    0:00 – Introduction & sponsor mentions:

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    0:57 – Mike Tyson and early days of fighting

    11:35 – Jiu jitsu

    17:39 – Origin of UFC

    31:50 – Joe Rogan

    37:56 – Lorenzo Fertitta

    40:23 – Great fighters

    44:20 – Khabib vs Conor

    47:27 – Jon Jones

    50:28 – Conor McGregor

    55:31 – Trump

    1:01:09 – Elon vs Zuck

    1:02:30 – Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

    1:05:18 – Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar

    1:12:31 – Gambling

    1:27:33 – Mortality

  2. To add to the putting your daughter in jiu jitsu, the GOAT, DJ, a 160 pound man, submitted a 6'3" 250 man, to end up winning gold in the absolute division in that competition. Youd be stupid to not learn jiu jitsu.

  3. I've never heard a Dana interview that wasn't captivating. I can't even imagine the UFC without him. Let's cherish this time, this era, of which he has been at the tip of the spear. 🙏

  4. To add to the Forrest Griffin and Stephen Bonner fight. I'm not a Martial Artist at all, but the passion, commitment, and pure love or "no quit" mentality these guys have literally inspires me and makes me love this sport. I'm committed in life and have deep passion for many things, yet these guys fighting gives me deep inspiration and understanding for why these guys do this. 3 round fights weed out the weak. 5 round fights determine who the real champions are. It's so clear that these guys can push through unimaginable pain and still suffer and supercede to win.

    That was all I needed ro see to be a fan.

  5. Dana White is the definition of a sell out, and so is kid rock. Anyone who supports them lacks principles. But of course, it’s not surprising at all that many still do because much of this world is very weak and lacks principles.

  6. Great podcast. Dana is such an interesting guy, and Lex is such a genuine host who asks great questions and allows his guests to fully formulate their answers. 10/10

  7. It seems like Lex pulls his punches when he’s interviewing people he has a personal relationship with compared to those he doesn’t. The most recent comparisons being this interview and the last interview with Sam Altman.

    Lex repeatedly tried to pressure Sam on the Open Chat ouster drama and asked other tough questions. Lex made no attempt to do so with Dana in this interview – why not ask about the fighter pay and insurance, why not ask about his publicly seen domestic issue, why not ask about his issue with Ariel Halwani?

    Be consistent