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  1. Kamaru Usman: Champion from March 2019 – August 2022. Defended belt 5 times, beating journeyman Jorge twice and Colby twice. He won the belt from a done Woodley, defended 5 times against only 3 different fighters, and lost his belt in spectacular fashion.
    GSP: Champion from November 2006 – April 2007 after losing his belt via TKO from Matt Serra. Regained belt December 2007 and was champion until November 2013 where he retired as champion. Came back almost exactly four years later to win the Middleweight belt. During his reign as champion, he defended it 9 times against 9 different fighters.

    Sorry but GSP is king of the 70's and it isn't even close. Kamaru Usman is not even in the realm of conversation and it is disrespectful to the intelligence of every human to hear that Usman is the greatest of all-time at 170. GSP won the belt, got upset via TKO, and came back. Usman couldn't come back. Insanity. Not to mention GSP won the belt the first time from Matt Hughes who submitted him 2 years prior.

  2. Aljo back to showing off his physique right before he gets his ass kicked again. He'd focuses more on looking good than fighting good.

  3. Gsp is the greatest welterweight of all time. It's not even debatable. He has more title defenses, was champion for longer and won belts in 2 divisions. End of story.

  4. Man, Walt is already a huge dude. idk why guys do that shit gotta be a self-esteem thing. Also puttin conor vs chandler as the first fight of would be hilarious. Oh yea n whos gonna buy 2 40 year old Masvidal n Diaz fighting? Perfect fight for no buy only russian link bratha😂😂

  5. "You can't deny that Usman is the greatest welterweight of all time!" Dana White. HA! I beg to differ and so does the majority of UFC fans. Dana still salty at GSP despite all the promo, new viewers, and money that GSP brought the UFC. Dana White is such a slug.

  6. Sooooo is Topuria representing Spain? OR Georgia? How is Merab going to feel knowing Topuria is claiming to be the first Georgian Champion?