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Nouvelles de l'UFC aujourd'hui, nous avons Dana White qui s'adresse à la communauté MMA et nous avons les détails. Ensuite, nous avons des nouvelles, Sean O'Malley envoyant un avertissement à ses fans et bien plus encore. #UFC #MMA news -Sean O'Malley ENVOIE UN AVERTISSEMENT aux FANS ! (0:00) -Dana White BRIS LE SILENCE sur le PROCHAIN ​​COMBAT de Jon Jones ! (1:30) -Dustin Poirier contre Islam Makhachev SUIVANT ! (3:14) -Michael Bisping BRIS LE SILENCE sur FIGHTER CHEATING ! (4:26) -MISE À JOUR de l'UFC Fight ! (5:44) -La communauté MMA S'ARRÊTE sur Dana White pour une INTERVIEW ! (7:10) -Brandon Moreno RÉVÈLE UNE TRISTE NOUVELLE ! (9:35) -Dana White GOES OFF sur les médias UFC (10:45) Sources : “TimboSugarShow” de Sean O'Malley et Tim Welch sur YouTube : Interview de Dana White avec TNT Sports sur YouTube : Daniel Cormier parle d'Islam Makhachev lors du prochain UFC combat : Michael Bisping et Anthony Smith sur BELIEVE YOU ME Podcast : Entretien de Dana White avec Lex Fridman sur YouTube : Entretien de Dana White avec Sage Steele Podcast sur YouTube :

31 Responses

  1. Do these fools understand how much things would change about the UFC and MMA in general if Dana White were to leave and Joe Rogan go with him?

  2. Stop going to Seans house you parasocial weirdos. He streams COD on Twitch daily, just go simp over there. As far as Tom Goes. I'd love to see Him walk through Gane and my boy Razor Blades before the name Jon Jones comes out his mouth again.

  3. This channel really hates Dana. Post opposite sides of the coin instead of just talking dirt? Too much of that on this world

  4. There is no community online anywhere! A community can only ve authentic when the people in it are authentic and people aren't in virtual spaces.. oh and journalism is the worst with a few exceptions…

  5. Don’t get me wrong, I love all 3 fighters but I feel that the UFC wants to feed Stipe to Jones as a sacrificial lamb, to keep his GOAT status until the end. We all know how that fight is going to end. An Aspinall-Jones fight will be more attractive to fans and far more profitable, but I don’t think that’ll ever happen.

  6. All Dana battles is fighting the fighters and keeping their pay low. That's winning the battle to him that and winning at Blackjack.

  7. It is extraordinary seeing a grown man with an accomplished career and more money anyone could want say: "what would I do if I retired?"

    Well you have a wife and kids….maybe spend time with them instead of sitting at a gambling table before you kick the bucket?

  8. This Jones vs Miocic fight is the biggest gas-lighting move in UFC history!

    Consider the promo "We've got the greatest Heavyweight of all time fighting the GOAT of the sport"

    In reality Stipe Miocic 2-2 in his last 4 fights, he's past his prime and he's already been KO'd twice. I like the guy but he's only won 50% of his fights since 2018 and the whole situation has tarnished the division. When Jones got injured, Dana should have booked Stipe vs Tom with the winner getting to fight Jones. Such a shame.

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