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Charles Olivera combattra Arman Tsarukyan à l'UFC 300. Beaucoup pensent qu'en raison des combats de Charles contre Kevin Lee et Islam Makhachev, Olivera est faible face aux lutteurs. Cela vient de Daniel Cormier, donc aujourd'hui nous allons décomposer ces deux combats. Pour les demandes de renseignements 0:00 Intro 3:57 Kevin Lee Breakdown 13:03 Islam Breakdown

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  1. I agree with the breakdown of keiven lee but with islam i still think islam was better on the ground especially on the fence and islam is the one who tried to posture up not charles make him do that and islam had more strikes on the ground yeah some were light but there were also effective you didn't show them and although islam was in charles guard the control time is still scoring for islam and besides the damage and control i think islam want to apply top pressure on charles pushing chest to chest , pressure by elbow and head to the face to make charles tired that's why fe was shaking his arms in round 2 and tried to defend the takedown he didn't want to be under islam again on the ground

  2. If Kevin Lee actually had any cage iq he would’ve realised that he knocked Charles out with a slam but didn’t even realise he had. Always found that funny as hell 😂

  3. @che have you ever realized that instantly before Kevin Lee shoots for the takedown, charles faints kicks for him to throw the takedown and then get the guillotine?
    like 10s before the sub. take a look.

  4. “Charles destroyed both my knees in the first round of this fight and we kept fighting, three knee surgeries since and I’m still recovering four years later,” Lee tweeted.

  5. Most off your back BJJ isn’t nearly as popular for finishing a fight vs ground and pound from top or a top position submission.

    Charles is a rarity even within MMA. Not a lot of ppl regularly hit submissions off their back

  6. R U Serious? Charles TAPPED faster than McGregor when Islam dropped on him. That's was after Islam beat his ass for the whole fight up till that point. Paul Felder beat the breaks off Charles in a bad way. Charles is a good fighter but there are levels to this and Islam is way above him.

  7. In peter yan last fight Cormier said:
    Yan stand up game is so good that omalley had to wrestle with him
    I think that sums him up as a commentator

  8. So Charles won on the ground against Islam by having no successful offense? Even the upkick just led to him getting smushed more into the fence and needing the bell to get him out? I never thought about Kevin Lee as being successful but I've had the same prediction because of Islam and also the Chandler fight. On the ground, Chandler smushed him. He was only ever gonna win that fight on the feet. Even Kevin Lee's problems started when he stopped holding top position and stood up in the open mat letting Charles get to a leg. Wrestlers not interested in playing jiu-jitsu that just stay on top and smash is a bad matchup for his ground game and I expect Arman will be the same story

  9. Every night I go to bed praying for Charles Oliviera for he is the one to release us from the Dagestani chokehold that has been putting us to sleep

  10. lol ahmed mujtaba (guy submitted by sage) isn't a dagestani grappler lol he is a pakistani fighter and used to train in same gym as mine , later went to AKA

  11. Let’s not forget when he said nothing good about Charles Oliveira v Justin Gaethje. And said Justin was gonna destroy his legs, while Charles checked all of the leg kicks thrown

  12. I really don't understand all that Charles Oliviera glazing. Yeah, he gives out some strong gay vibes but I don't think he is jumping into bed with you.

  13. DANIEL CORMIER IS SUCH A KID….HE WILL NOT UNDERSTAND THAT IN MMA IN MANY THINGS..but here is a circle, cycle..someday a kid come (jon jones) and will beat u …it s normal, it s something that 90% of fighters ….silva anderson, i can say a lot of names….but i hate…and jon jones said man..u are right..jones is a talented kid..and he f me, up insecond fight..and …but even now, he put the same blsh, stero, taranbutol…DC after that fight..was..he gives he s oppinions about ..what he likes..we all know thast trained with islam, khabib, of course didnt like oliveira…he is a simple wrestler for me, jon jones is a full package , so in wrestling can talk..but not on entire fights, with a champ witch judo, BJJ< is a good striker, not saying that because i am a fan , i like BJJ because of him, i start change K1, glory muai thay on mma, because of oliveira, pereira, etc…but to say blsht ….SO , I DON T KNOW YET. OR DC KEEP BEEING WITH DAGESTAN TEAM BECAUSE OF WRESTLING AND…..OR IT S STUPID….IN 40 YEARS OF FIGHTING JUST….A MAN DOUBLE CHAMP TO SAY SOMETHING LIKE THIS ,…OK U DON T LIKE HIM…BUT…LIKE I SAID, IN MANNY MANNY FIGHTS ,…HE TALK A LOT BLSH, HE WAS NOT HOW HE PREDICTS…..SO , YEAH HE WILL BE IN A FIGHT WITH THE MAN WHO WRESTL..IT S JUST SIMPLE..

  14. Look I've been grappling for a long time, I have judo catch and bjj experience and I've always seen that you have a great bottom game when your opponent HAS to back off or get up just to re enter the grappling sequence and start over

  15. You are high on crack rocks. DC is legit as it gets. DC is right, that is exactly what Olivera’s weakness is. You think you know more about fighting than DC? Like he doesn’t know what’s going on and you do??? 😂. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  16. Love or hate Charles, love or hate Islam, you have to admit DC is riding islam HARD as FUCK, any time he gets he praises the man like hes a deity and and is extremly biased whenever hes on the comms.

  17. I HATED DC when they were in Abu Dhabi. He may as well have held islam on his lap and nuzzled his neck.DC kept smiling fondly at him and talking him up and talking Charles down. NOBODY LOVES Charles more than me. He so deserves to be Champion.

  18. DC was once trying to say being on the olympic wrestling team, not even winning just being their, means more than Periera’s 2 glory titles because wrestling is harder than kickboxing. Bruh

  19. It all depends on your perspective of the fight. One perspective is that Kevin Lee had success on the ground in his ability to get out of submissions and eventually end up on top in a dominant fashion at the end of the round against one of the best submission artists the UFC has ever seen! The fact that Kevin Lee did not get submitted in the first round is incredible. It might be that Cormier's perspective is that Kevin Lee success was that he was able to defend all those submissions, and very few fighters could have defended them. I do think Cormier could have phrased it differently, but it is what it is.

    There is no doubt that Charles is a beast off of his back, and is considered the best submission artist off of his back that I have ever seen. Islam is a more well rounded fighter than Charles, and that is why Islam beat him. Charles and Islam will fight again, and we shall see if Charles was telling the truth or just full of excuses that he said he wasn't himself during that fight.

    BTW – I see Charles submitting Arman in the first round!