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Diego Sanchez, membre du Temple de la renommée de l'UFC, décrit l'horreur qu'il a endurée au cours des 3-4 dernières années à cause de son ancien entraîneur Joshua Fabia. #UFC #MMA #MIXEDMARTIALARTS Abonnez-vous pour le contenu UFC des coulisses ABONNEZ-VOUS ICI : SUIVEZ-NOUS : Envoi complet MMA Instagram | L’Instagram OG | SUPPS D'ENVOI COMPLETS DISPONIBLES MAINTENANT :

46 Responses

  1. Fact he allowed another man to do this to him clearly shows he's hiding fact they were both in a full on sexual relationship. Devil is when he went gay now he's gone to God he's straight again all of a sudden

  2. It's great seeing him this clear though. He was so messed up in the head back then he could barely speak because his confidence was so low.

  3. Diego is righteous, Fabia is an insecure bug and has a messiah complex to mask it 😂
    ' the school of selfish awareness "

  4. Diego was turned into a sex addict and Fabia was his addiction. Anyone who doesn't understand this is a tale of two lovers scorned is naive at best.

  5. Witchcraft is very real.

    Facing battles like these face to face, with belief in your creator, is the best way.

    Theses enemies pray on fear and mental weakness.

    Meditation can always preserve a strong mind.

  6. within days of him turning back to god the problem was gone after years of dealing with it. y'all need to get right with Jesus. im glad Diego and his family are safe and hes brave man for airing this out for everyone to see.

  7. Felt bad but then went back and watched the Fabia classics. Took years to figure out he's trouble? Hey yoga guy chasing people around the gym with a knife wanna know where I live and meet my family?

  8. Oh boy. Classic taking a chump for all he’s worth. Dude was not a contract killer or working with cartels, witchcraft is not real. You let yourself get got because of your ideology.

  9. Diego I've been watching you since early 2000s brother. I know your pain man. It's so hard to see these things when they're in front of you. For me was dealing with the shame that I allowed these things to happen and didn't see them. The only way out is our faith in The Lord who is ALL our strength and protection. Gives me goosebumps knowing how with the armor of God we can come back through anything. We deal with demonic people but our Lord always delivers us and makes things right. He will come to be judged for all he's done to you and your family and you will be resting easy because of the spotless lamb!

  10. I hope diego also figures out fabia isnt a damn hitman or anything like that. Diegos still under his spell to a degree even tho hes mostly realized its bs. Hes an absolute legend btw and surely he can take him to court