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Dustin Poirier parle à Mackenzie Salmon de USA TODAY Sports de l'appel d'Islam Makhachev à un combat pour le titre en juin, de son KO à l'UFC 299 contre Benoit Saint Denis et plus encore. Assurez-vous de vous abonner pour recevoir des mises à jour lorsque nous publions du nouveau contenu : Pour les dernières nouvelles de l'UFC et du MMA : Une partie du réseau USA TODAY : #UFC #DustinPoirier #IslamMakhachev

32 Responses

  1. She slighted Islam there, he gave Dustin his props as well. Give her a pass this time cause she’s new. Finall someone actually gorgeous doing interviews. And not boring.

  2. Host was good but it would have been better if Farah Hannoun is interviewing Dustin – best host in MMAJunkie Farah Hannoun !

  3. Everyone one complaining islam fought a 45er literally thought that 45er would beat him. Its still an impressive win and he was the first to ko the pfp king and take his place. Cope harder.

  4. With zero due respect, you have no where near the accomplishments islam has. You have never won a title let alone defend it.

  5. Will be a good fight between 2 good guys. These are the types of fights we want to see. All you fans need to chill and stop being so defensive. Calm down

  6. Lets do this… In tired of waiting… Dont make me stop watching UFC… Im starting to get fed up with Dana White .. let them fight

  7. Poor dustin he fought in the wrong era, khabib time and islam era right now, hard to tell if he can beat islam, dustin should go to 145 there he has a chance

  8. This is 💯 the fight to make, considering the other top dogs are still booked to fight their own wars and they won't be healthy enough to fight Islam come June. 🔥