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Khamzat Chimaev contre Robert Whittaker est officiel pour la carte Arabie Saoudite, comment peut se dérouler ce combat ? Sont également Sergei Pavlovich Alexander Volkov, Kelvin Gastelum contre Daniel Rodriguez, Johnny Walker contre Volkan Oezdemir et Sharaputdin Magomedov contre Ihor Potieria. ___________________________________________________________________________ MERCH : N'hésitez pas à aider la chaîne avec plus de contenu : 📱Suivez-moi📱 📧Enquêtes commerciales📧

38 Responses

  1. Khamzat is from the UAE, not Saudi Arabia. Mistake there, but he's going to be really close to home.

    Shara vs Ihor might be at 185 but MMA Fighting says it's at 205. Idk which weight class they're fighting at.

  2. Whittaker is the biggest khabib fans that ever existed, And so does khabib, If rob just go to dagestan and Stay with them for atleast 2 months, Khamzat is Doomed 😂

  3. It's not a matter of if, but when, Khamzat gets Whittaker to the ground. Khamzat took down Kamaru Usman, who is a better wrestler than Whittaker. Whittaker should be able to win on the feet if his chin holds up long enough for Khamzat to gas out.

  4. Gastelum had some bad performances as of late but i dont believe he's washed. He looked great against Chris Curtis just a couple fights ago

  5. As a Swede, I’m betting on rob. Khamzat might be an animal but so is rob. He’s been fighting killers for so long this is just another day at the office.

  6. I think people are WAY to critical on Khamzat simply because the god-tier amount hype that followed him after managing to not get hit in his first 4-5 fights. He's literally the only fighter I've seen people call trash because he didn't absolutely dominate a fight. Seriously don't get why he gets so much hate, I had some tell me it's because he's cocky, But i mean he's literally undefeated tho, Undefeated fighters are usually pretty damn confident in themselves, I literally see nothing wrong with that lol, Plus i don't get why people act like he's just soo overrated, He's looked absolutely phenomenal in all but 2 fights, And he still showed insane talent in both those bouts, He showed he has tremendous grit and a solid chin in the Burns fight, And in the Usman fight showed his wrestling really is THAT good, Ragdolling one of the greatest defensive wrestlers in the game. People mention his cardio like it's the worst ever but he's literally only ever gassed out one time and that was the Usman fight, I swear people tend to misremember the Burns fight, As Khamzat's cardio actually held up quite well, Especially considering what a fast paced war the bout was, Dude was actually the fresher fighter by Round 3, His pace and pressure in that third is ultimately what earned him the win. Another thing misremembered from that bout was the grappling, People always use the "He couldn't take Burns down" Argument to go against Khamzats wrestling, But in actuality he DID take Burns down, Relatively easily in fact, But decided to stand up instead as he clearly had alot of respect for Burns BJJ. This just shows how people will let their biases affect how they perceive his fights. Honestly, I think stylistically he still poses a serious threat to just about anyone he's matched up against, Rob has tremendous defensive wrestling, But based off what I've seen from both fighters, There's absolutely no reason to believe Khamzat wouldn't be able to get Rob down, As his offensive wrestling has been by far some of the most impressive I've seen in recent memory, And i have no idea why people are pretending Khamzat won't have the strength for 185, We seen guys like Strickland and Whittaker as well who both got destroyed at 170, But in moving up a weight class, Looked the best they'd ever have, Stronger, Healthier, Showing improvement in every aspect and eventually becoming MW champions. Idk what makes people believe Khamzat will struggle more against these guys, I think he will be just as if not more dangerous tbh, Dude has shown that he has legit power at MW, KOing Meerschaert, Who is a fairly durable MW with one punch, And ragdolling Jack Hermanson, Who is a legitimate MW contender in their grappling bout. Overall, I think dude still has room for improvement but my god people need to stop trying so hard to discredit Khamzat, According to fans, He's not THAT good of a grappler, He has awful striking, Zero cardio and is scared of every contender while absolutely nobody is scared of him. All of this from having literally two fights in his entire career that were actually competitive. The level of criticism and hate he gets now is getting pretty absurd, Even if he beats Rob, People will come up with something else to convince themselves that dude is still not legit.

  7. I think Khamzats window has closed. He doesn't have the same appetite for violence that he had before fighting Gilbert Burns. That fight was an all out war and Chimiev hasn't been much of a striker since.

  8. Idk why people say if it was 5 rounds khamzat would lose. But it was 3rounds and always was. Who fights a 3round fight like it is 5 rounds , or the other way around. If you arent tired at the end of 3 or 5 than you didnt give it your all

  9. I'm 100% sure that Whittaker has the power advantage against over Khamzat. Also Bobby Knuckles learns pretty fast so that South Paw jab trick is never ever going to work ever against him.Khamzat would be competitive just for 1 and half round but after that it will be all Whittaker catching Khamzat with his speed.

  10. Volkov is extremely good as far as technical striking goes in the heavyweight division. In Fact I reckon he had improved a lot too

  11. I hope Rob wins. He is in a good shape after his loss to DDP. Also, I like both Alexander and Sergei. They both look like gentle giants. So gonna hate that match-up.

  12. Kmazat is gonna be 30 by the time he fights Robert in June. It’s time to stop this “young fighter” narrative lol it’s not 2020 anymore.

  13. Where is Islam? I wonder if UFC is hedging if Khamzat wins they may let Islam fight sooner but UFC is freezing Islam too much. So sad despite being champ he cant get fights because no one wants that smoke