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Kamaru Usman et Henry Cejudo s'assoient avec la légende Georges St-Pierre à Miami pendant la semaine de combat de l'UFC 299 pour discuter de qui est le plus grand poids welter de tous les temps, GSP pourrait revenir combattre Khabib Nurmagomedov et briser son état d'esprit avant les combats pour le titre. . Le spectacle se termine par un autre segment de Outside of the Cage, où les gars et GSP posent des questions hypothétiques ridicules. Épisode 6 00h00 Intro 1h35 Rencontre des champions poids welters 16h00 Ego et vie après l'UFC 9h30 Gérer la pression de la compétition 15h30 GSP et Kamaru parlent des routines d'avant-combat 24h00 GSP Fausse confiance 31h00 GSP's Camp d'entraînement 34:50 GSP le videur 43:00 GSP Analyses Khabib 51:50 Kamaru étudie GSP 53:00 Outside The Cage 1:06:20 Les GOAT de GSP Assurez-vous de vous abonner et de suivre l'émission pour de nouveaux épisodes hebdomadaires. Suivez l'émission sur les réseaux sociaux Instagram : Twitter/X : Tik Tok : A Shadow Lion Production.

34 Responses

  1. GSP couldn’t use vaseline anymore and he retired 😂😂😂 Usman is great fighter, one of the best! But still, Leon is even maybe then here! Leon did lose even that first fight! Usman had that cheap tactic to put people down and buying time, without doing any damage! Now rules are a bit different! Still he’s great! They can all agree that there’s one Goat 🐐 in MMA, Jon Jones!!! Period

  2. Oh man I started to watch UFC on the end of 2020, I just wish I had start to watch it when GSP was on his prime, what a nice guy.

  3. Lmao wtf is Hank wearing? That’s the worst outfit I’ve ever seen
    How can you see that in the store, like it, take it home, put it on, see yourself in the mirror and think “yaaa this is fire”

    It’s so so so so so bad lol rawrrrrr 😂

  4. Wow guys what a podcast,with the goat GSP.I could listen to him for hours.

    and you both do it really well too.👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. I’ll be honest and I’m sure there will be disagreements in the comments, but I would have absolutely loved to see GSP vs Champion Robbie Lawler, GSP wins 9 out of 10 but good god itb be fun wile it lasted

  6. GSP would be winning that hypothetical fight between himself and Khabib. His ability to analyse styles and evaluate patterns down to the smallest nuance is unmatched.

  7. Im sorry but GSP is the best for me i used to be obese with his UFC run i was inspired to better and actually got healthy i watched how he does his kata as a kid he look unremarkable but through hard work he was able to reach the very top of the mountain without being arrogant. The woodley mcgregor era im not a fan of money fight my ass yeah the sport got bigger but lost its class.

  8. My opinion fighters shouldn't be compared with other fighters because of their time/run in the UFC … GSP is The Goat because of his time and run in the UFC…. fighters then will get older, fighters today are young so that's my opinion on comparing fighters