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Abonnez-vous à Full Mount MMA : ► MÉDIAS SOCIAUX : Twitter ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 00:00 – Dana White annonce Khamzat contre Robert Whittaker 01:46 – Chito Vera réfléchit au cambriolage de sa maison 02:37 – Sean O'Malley met en garde les fans ne pas se présenter chez lui 04:41 – Rampage Jackson riposte aux gens critiquant sa boxe 06:31 – Israel Adesanya ADAMENT il se bat pour la ceinture ensuite 07:19 – Top commentaires LIENS : #UFC #MMA #UFC300

36 Responses

  1. Izzy will get the title shot next regardless of your hate. Strickland did not defend. We'll get that DDP vs Strickland fight again…just not for the belt.

  2. Rampage always joking but jokes aside that’s some of the most real shit he’s spoken. Props to rampage for speaking facts & shutting down the stupid ppl on the internet.

  3. Khamzat vs Whittaker? Does the UFC not know how to set up fun fights anymore? What happened to Costa vs Khamzat? That’s a way gunner fight with all the heat between them.

  4. Incredible opportunity for Whittaker to get back in line for a title shot. Beating Khamzat would change the landscape of that division significantly … don’t underestimate how big of a fight this is!

  5. America isnt safe anymore. You can thank the democrat party for that. 9 million new residents. Expect a lot more third world activity like what you saw happen to Chito

  6. “He came out on top”.. wait? Who tf came out on top and how? He got beat to death by Strickland and hasn’t had a fight or W since then, how has he come out on top? Lmao. Losers.

  7. The Izzy haters are out again, crying that he doesn't deserve the next title shot. hahahaha keep crying because after Izzy beats DDP, we will see Izzy defend against Strickland and KOs Sean then goes up for a champ champ fight against Alex Perreira or Jamal Hill for the 205 Light heavyweight champion

  8. Izzy the shot caller… I thought that was Dana's job, someone's f**king tripping. I thought they would've done Rob vs Strickland for the #1 contender considering Strickland's last fight against the real African was very close.

  9. After watching Whittaker vs Costa it's hard to bet against Rob. That Paulo that he fought was one of the best Paulos I've ever seen he was lightning fast and in the 1st rd I was thinking Costa was faster than Rob. Somehow he won that fight he had go dig deep for it. I think he wins a close decision possibly

  10. Sugar britches wants the fame but not what comes with it😂make fuk of Strickland but now it's OK to kill he let's people touch his wife they just thought they could have her

  11. Yes Dricis does have a choice. He can say no. Izzy can get a title shot when he works his way back up to number 1 contender.