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Joaquin Buckley de l'UFC sur ESPN 54 s'est entretenu avec MMA Junkie et les journalistes lors de la journée des médias pour son combat des poids welters contre Vicente Luque samedi à Atlantic City, dans le New Jersey. Couverture complète de l'événement : assurez-vous de vous abonner pour recevoir des mises à jour lorsque nous publions du nouveau contenu : pour les dernières nouvelles. Actualités UFC et MMA : partie du réseau USA TODAY : #UFCAtlanticCity #UFC #JoaquinBuckley

39 Responses

  1. love me some Buckley. Many things can be said but I will say this dude is a badass. I love having fighters that go in there to bang. Get the finish or get finished, love it

  2. @ 3:45 wtf are people promoting hypothetical fights in 2025 for? Promote Atlantic City. I get confused and lose brain cells listening. I am going to keep commenting every time too…cause it is constantly brought up. They do that shit about 'next fight and the fight after' and its like WTF?!?! The fighters dont want to hear it. It downplays Atlantic city, for me, as a fan… This is literally an Atlantic City press conference to promote Atlantic City Fight Night.

  3. I like Buckley and don't like Holland anymore bc this dude here is a real black dude. Homegrown, down-to-earth, genuine, charming and good-natured/spirited in spite of bein from the hood. Effortlessly himself.

    Kevin Holland is so fake and perpetually salty and bratty and condescending all the time. Fkn diva. We don't want the phony LA sophistication in Kevin. We want the everyman down the block who's just a normal guy tryin' to make it in this world.

    Kevin's personality bears the terminal stain from LA living whereas Joaquin's soul is stainless. Untainted. Preserved.

    Example: When Buckley was asked at the pre-fight presser in his first fight at 170 why he moved down, this was his answer: "Ima keep it real wit ya'll, I got tired of gettin' knocked out at 185. That's why."

    That^^^ right there is a real one. I'm a fan of him. Period.

    Buckley for the win. He deserves it.

  4. Anyone know if Buckley is G4pay? With lips like those, I've been thinking about how good of a kisser he is. I NEED to find out!

  5. Work towards the title? Will never happen. I hope Luque flatlines him this weekend, but Im pretty worried about Luque here. Esp w his brain bleed situation and how hittable he is & the fact he chose to wrestle against RDA, so slight lean to Buckley this weekend but title never. Can name 20 guys at 170 who beat Buckley. But im sure it will be a fun scrap