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Nouvelles de l'UFC aujourd'hui, nous avons Joe Rogan exigeant que l'UFC change ses règles et nous avons les détails. Ensuite, nous avons des nouvelles, Dustin Poirier contre Islam Makhachev et bien plus encore. #UFC #MMA news -Dustin Poirier RÉAGIT à l'APPEL d'Islam Makhachev ! -Sean O'Malley sera une PLUS GRANDE STAR que Conor McGregor ? -Max Holloway BRIS LE SILENCE sur l'UFC 300 FIGHT ! -Ian Garry ARRÊTE le combat UFC ! -Joe Rogan EXIGE UN CHANGEMENT DE RÈGLEMENT UFC ! -La communauté MMA s'en va sur Dana White pour une INTERVIEW ! -Cory Sandhagen PARLE du PROCHAIN ​​COMBAT UFC ! -Colby Covington DÉCOMPOSE LE BOEUF d'Ian Garry !

36 Responses

  1. What is MVP doing back in the UFC?
    He didn't have any real competition until Lima and he slept him.
    Tried bare knuckle, got lit up there…

  2. O'walley doesn't have the character to be as big as Connor, Connor has more charisma in his big toe than Sean, he's a boring champ , all the bright hair and stupid clothes won't give him character ffs

  3. I'm sorry, but nobody in MMA will ever be a bigger star than Prime Conor. Stop trying to force these comparisons – it's just not gonna happen

  4. People take these comments that Dana says out of character. He’s just a regular dude that has microphones around him all the time and says some real shit. If you don’t like uncle Dana, you’re just simply a douche bag. 😎

  5. "Bigger than Connor McTapper?" Sean, you have been bigger than that douche since your last few wins. One. Because it's not just fanboys who respect you, it's coaches, trainers, peers, and fight experts. You are a shade braggy but not over the top like the Cherry Picker McGregor. You aren't cutting 45 pounds off your walking around weight and calling out champions in the last few months of their careers.
    You aren't using the drawing power of big names at the end of the line, then claiming the whole event as your "drawing power" for PPV.
    You haven't been winless except for 2 in the last 6 years and still calling out people with big draw power, and expecting Main Event placement. The guy hacked the system, and got away with it. The biggest true Draw in UFC history is GSP. You are where you are because people like your humbleness, your respectfulness and your god given ability, coupled with hard hard work. Thats the American way. Thats why America loves you. No shortcuts,…. one step at a time, and backing up what your mouth just said. Be like Stipe. Let your performance do your talking.

  6. 100% knees on the ground should be legal — That's one of many reasons PRIDE FC's rules were superior. Not to mention the fact that without knees to "grounded opponents", wrestlers & grapplers have an unfair advantage (being able to shoot in, take low shots, or stall in certain positions without fear of getting kneed).

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  8. Islam gunna knock his head off. Old mate was kicking his arse for the first round & he was messed up on antibiotics and staf. At full strength he woulda been hitting harder and had more endurance

  9. DANA.

    Without Dana his Passion Mans Madness the UFC would NOT have been such a POPULAR LOVED SPORT in such a Short Time.

    the ICEMAN Chuck ..
    .. Danas HITMAN.

    The Wife can always Pop out a next kid.

  10. Hey cxck boy. It dont work like that . Dustin just fought st denis . And you havnt earnt the right to say that. Mvp wud is a good fight . Cxckboy scared😂