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MMA news aujourd'hui : MERAB DVALISHVILI FACE À SEAN O'MALLEY SEAN O'MALLEY ENVOIE UN AVERTISSEMENT À SES FANS JOE ROGAN RÉAGIT À L'affirmation « folle » de CONOR MCGREGOR selon laquelle agir est plus difficile que MMA COLBY COVINGTON CONTINUE DE PRENDRE DES TIR SUR SEAN STRICKLAND ALEX PEREIRA POSTES DES SPARRING INTENSES SEAN STRICKLAND CONTINUE SON BOEUF AVEC LA COMMUNAUTÉ DES NAVY SEALS DANA WHITE RÉVÈLE SA PLUS GRANDE VICTOIRE EN JOUANT À BLACKJ@CK 00:00 Dana White révèle sa plus grande victoire en jouant à Blackj@ck 00:57 Colby Covington continue de tirer sur Sean Strickland 02 :32 Strickland accepte l'annonce du combat contre le Navy Seal 04:15 Sean O'Malley prévient ses fans 05:40 Merab Dvalishvili rencontre O'Malley à l'UFC PI 06:17 Joe Rogan réfute l'affirmation de McGregor sur le jeu contre le MMA 07:34 Messages d'Alex Pereira séquences de combat intenses 08:27 TOP 3 mèmes mma Contact : #UFC #MMA #MMANEWS

27 Responses

  1. These navy seals are funny. Mma fighters beat the crap out of people with rules and this one thinks that if you take away the rules, he’d have the upper hand. The delusion is a mental illness.

  2. Navy seal thinking a professional fighter wouldn’t also fight dirty in a no rules fight is hilarious. Not only would Strickland fight dirty, he would do it more effectively.

  3. Not gonna mention how that dude Sean pistol whipped was on the run from the cops after a nasty hit and run also it looked like he was trying to steal Sean’s truck

  4. The geriatric "seal" dude talking about ripping people's ears off would get destroyed by most flyweight MMA fighters, any middleweight would kill him in seconds. Navy seals are a joke who can't fight to save their lives, what a clown.

  5. The reason i think Conor said acting is harder is because it’s not something he’s used to doing and it’s not his first love. When you do something you love, it’s easy to put in the hours, when it’s not, it’s a chore. He loves to fight and understands and knows it very well, he doesn’t know acting, so he had to learn a whole new thing in the process of doing something that was more like a chore and he doesn’t really understand.

  6. I have literally watched roadhouse today

    Was funny, conor was very excited to act

    He isnt good at it tho, he should get real again, the real conor was the most entertaining conor

    He still lives off that old conor, if people only knew the version he is now he would have never made it

  7. I have nothing but respect fur navy seals but if this guy isnt able to catch strickland offguard from behind or smth like that its game over for him. If they would start a street fight infront of each other no way that guy would even be able to touch sean in the face.