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Dana White vient d'annoncer Khamzat Chimaev contre Robert Whittaker pour un éliminateur de titre pour la soirée de combat de l'UFC. Khamzat vient de vaincre Kamaru Usman et Whittaker bat Paulo Costa For Business Inquires

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  1. Whittacre got headlocked by DDP. As a wrestler. It’s a very frowned upon move.

    As for the actual match up. Does whittacre get the blitz, or does khamzat expect it being a fan, or does whittacre alr know to take a page outta Romero: flyin knee off a, how tf do u feint a high kick. W/o lookin stupid.

  2. All this bulshit about his cardio that you guys are saying about khamzat is clear and it was already told . First of all His hand was hurt and he didn't want to get himself in too dangerous position . Stop this bitchass bulshit . Coz you guys hate his potential and ou know he can beat up all these guys . But you're coming up with cardio bulshit . It is not about cardio. It was about his hand that held him back while it was injury.

  3. This is Rob fumbling; no point in fighting a non-contender whose hype is dead, with a style that is really dangerous. This is Rob's end of his final title run. If he wins, no guarantee for a titleshot. If he loses, he's completely done. And Rob's groundgame hasn't been tested since romeo – but never againt this type of wrestling. His team really screwed him by allowing this fight. Should have fought Sean or whomever else. Not this.

  4. which mma youtuber is gonna say something on video about MANon being biological male. you guys wanted the fame now do some real reporting on mma and dudes beating women.

  5. Khazamat has a problem in terms of cardio, we saw it in the match with Gilbert Burns and his fighting style is very aggressive and this causes him to waste his energy unnecessarily. If he doesn't stay calm for future matches, he can be defeated.

  6. I respect the bravado and the massive amount of “he’s got that dawg in him” it must take to go in there and sprint for the first round every fight knowing that you’re gonna be in there compromised for the remaining rounds against the best fighters in the world

  7. Imo Bobby Knuckles trashes khamzat. Whittaker has been doing it longer, he's more versatile, he has amazing takedown defence, which is especially bad considering a takedown is khamzat's only chance to win. Khamzat slows down drastically after the 1st round, and does not dive for takedowns as much after the 1st round ends. He showed that against kamaru, after the 1st round khamzat barely got any takedowns and kamaru lowkey pieced him up while standing. Whittaker with a full camp is WAY more of a challenge than post headkick kamaru on short notice.

  8. Imma have to disagree a bit. I think khamzat clearly has issues in his game, but nowhere near where youre saying. The problem is that your viewing him against gilbert and kamaru in a vaccuum and mma mathing it. Burns is a beast. Kamaru is a beast. Idgaf about short notice or weight. "you didn't ragdoll them" will never convice me of anything. He won both fights very clearly, his opponents were just tough as shit. You need to factor in that sometimes mistakes can be made under pressure, and that khamzat will LEARN from those. it's incredibley unfair to base a guy's skillset off of ten rounds against legends and not factoring in the growth and work he puts in in the gym for years on end. MMA is not a math problem, fighters can adapt and improve.

  9. Are you going to delete this video when khamzat runs through that man? Do you have trouble identifying threats when you see them? You’re so foolish if you think post concussive Robert has any answers for that hungry monster bro.. I like rob but cmon..

  10. I'm not at all certain Holland would easily beat Chimaev if had suvived.Sure Chimaev would have been fatigued but I don't think as much as Holland.

  11. The way I see this going is Khamzat will start aggressively going for takedowns after testing Whittaker's striking. Whittaker's chances of winning depends entirely on if he can defend the takedowns/get back up on his feet for the first two rounds until Khamzat eventually gasses out.

  12. I completely agree with the cardio point. I was in boxing in my teenage years and I recall sparring ten 3 mins rounds, running 45 mins, rope jumping, hitting the bags for a couple rounds and other things. Then the days I would fight it was 3 rounds of 3 minutes with much smaller gloves and the adrenaline in those 9 minutes would make me sweat more and more tired than any training day ever lol.

  13. DDP gassed out Whittaker and found his chin…. Whittaker tried to wrestle and couldn’t hold him down so he gave up and got his head punched in. Same thing is a lot to happen. He was very tired in that bout after that lol

  14. After this guy said that Tsarukyan had no chance against Oliveira i knew we can't take anything he says seriously, dricus literally outwrestled Whittaker and usman found it difficult to even survive the first round against khamzart, rob is going to get put away in this fight, his chin is not durable neither is he an elite wrestler.

  15. As a NON khamzat fan, khamzat still torches Whittaker. I understand his gas tank sucks and it’s a 5 round fight. But I still think he’s gonna wear Whittaker down

  16. You guys literally show no respect to him he could’ve been double champ if he had a good manager / relationship with Dana . Alex is a double champ lol and was given title fights with barely any ufc fight lol. And has no wrestling . Khamzat is more complete and young . He’s got his whole life ahead of him even if he loses to Robert that doesn’t mean anything …. He is a good hype. Khamzat had to fight king smart vs Gilbert but he went full brawler not martial artist. It was dumb but I loved his heart I’m a huge fan. But if they rematched it would be like volk vs Islam #2 stop knocking these Dagestan or Chechen or Russian fighters down . Because they are way better than your sorry countries athletes

  17. Burns fought at 155 lbs…Usman at fought at 170 lbs and those fights were very close. Thats why his hype died. Natural 185lb fighters will smoke him.

  18. KHAMZAT gonna knock out Robert pretty quickly, he'll close the distance, threaten a takedown… then a short right to test the Chin. The chin will fail this test the same way I failed Physics

  19. No matter what anybody say I still worry about my King Robert , Khamzat ain’t no joke he’s real he’s powerful he’s dangerous