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La communauté de l'UFC réagit à Joe Rogan sur les débuts d'acteur de Conor McGregor dans l'UFC contre Road House, Jamahal Hill met en garde Alex Pereira pour l'événement principal de l'UFC 300, l'événement principal des poids mouches Lucero Acosta contre Alejandra Lara en tête de Combate Global, Ian Garry prêt à accepter le match contre Michael Venom Page , et beaucoup plus! Informations sur notre travail : Cette chaîne est destinée aux fans de MMA et existe depuis 2014. Cette chaîne rapporte quotidiennement les dernières nouvelles du monde des arts martiaux mixtes (genre sportif). Nous concentrons ici notre attention sur la plus grande organisation de MMA au monde – L'UFC -. Cette chaîne appartient à l'une des plus grandes chaînes d'information MMA au monde et est suivie et commentée par de nombreuses superstars du MMA. Chaque contenu est créé par cette chaîne et le contenu externe est utilisé et crédité de manière équitable (Fair-Use). Les chansons utilisées dans nos vidéos proviennent de la bibliothèque audio gratuite Youtube. Rejoignez notre communauté si vous aimez les sports de MMA autant que nous. Nous apprécions chaque commentaire et réaction dans la section commentaires. Merci! Vous nous trouverez ici : 🐦Twitter : 👍 Suivez-nous sur Facebook : #UFC #MMA #UFCNews

33 Responses

  1. We have a nice 50/50 fight to look forward to with Alex and Jamahal.
    Someone is going to sleep.
    I realize Alex is more liked, but this is a 50/50 fight.

  2. He may have meant harder as in its different and was harder remembering lines and such for him than fighting. I think Joe was misunderstanding what he meant or hes using the "how much you bench bro" logic

  3. "MVP" Got that Anderson "spyder" Silva thing going on he will probably clean out his division i would follow poaton into any battle 👍 the charachter and charisma of the ufc as a whole is such an incredible work at the hands of dana white 👏 who thinks it will continue beyond dana whites retirement good luck finding the person that can fill those shoes i am blessed to have lived in this time i have seen the beginning through today and what a ride its been god bless all the fighters and dana and the ufc

  4. My only concern for Hill is the Achilles injury. Other than that I think he can beat up Alex thru 5 and could even catch him early. Hill is the more skilled fighter. Alex is the better Kickboxer

  5. They’re pushing really hard to sell the remake of Roadhouse by making up a bunch of different stories. This means the movie isn’t going to be good.

  6. Does Gary not understand that to fight people in front of him, the person in front of him has to accept someone behind them? Lmao. Dudes truly special 😂

  7. Hill and Alex will be very interesting, cause people think that hill is going to sleep, but hill hasn’t take. Nearly as much damage as Alex in his career , and we’ve seen Alex get knocked out by a not so powerful Izzy……🤔 this will be fun to watch cause Alex is known for catching you with that beautiful left

  8. If Hill gets knocked out early, he might as well retire after running his mouth like that.
    Alex barley ever talked about him while Hill's talking like a jealous Girl.

  9. Connor could be right. For many fighters, other professions like acting or calling commentary could be harder than fighting a profession they spend years mastering.

  10. Can you book 265plus division….Mijain Lopez, Brian Shaw, Jerrell Miller, Hafthor Bjornsson, Martyn Ford, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Amir Aliakbari, Eddie Hall, etc.