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Nouvelles de l'UFC aujourd'hui, nous avons la communauté MMA qui appelle Sean Strickland pour ses récents commentaires et nous avons les détails. Ensuite, nous avons des nouvelles, l'équipe de Sean O'Malley envoyant un avertissement à Merab Dvalishvili et bien plus encore. #UFC #MMA news – Jamahal Hill RÉAGIT à la RUMEUR DE CONTRAT d’Alex Pereira ! (0:00) -L'équipe de Sean O'Malley ENVOIE UN AVERTISSEMENT à Merab Dvalishvili ! (2:22) -Alex Pereira est APPELÉ par un combattant de l'UFC ! (3:56) -MISE À JOUR de l'UFC Fight ! (5:05) -Conor McGregor riposte à Joe Rogan pour ses COMMENTAIRES ! (6:21) -GSP BRIS LE SILENCE sur MMA GOAT ! (8:31) -Sean Strickland QUITTE l'UFC ? (9:48) -La communauté MMA APPELLE Sean Strickland pour ses COMMENTAIRES ! (11:23) Sources : Entretien de Jamahal Hill avec Michael Bisping : Tim Welch parle de Merab Dvalishvili : Entretien de Khalil Rountree avec JAXXON PODCAST : Entretien de Georges St-Pierre avec Kamaru Usman et Henry Cejudo :

50 Responses

  1. Joe rogan is a stupid person. Look what he believes in too many conspiracies. so i trust nothing from him. No, ufc Fighter can act at Professor Level. Acting, which takes true talent. You need so many to be great at a lot of stuff. Most people are too camera shy. You need to look good. Do different voices. Remember, lines do a lot of retake and have a good body acting, so acting is hard. Fighting is tough for not hard. ufc is harder on body acting is hard on the mind they thing in common but so different

  2. Rogan hasn’t fought in 30+ years at this point and his “acting” chops are about as good as his comedy; awful. In short, just another middle aged dude with big onions haha.

  3. Suga looks like he doesn't want to fight anyone close to his size. So he fights in the midget weight class. Maybe he is afraid 😨 😱 of the average size man. Stick to midgets suga.

  4. Strickland is right I know what’s he’s saying! Like a grown ass women who constantly calling her dogs furr babies I mean come on! Family first! When did it become so popular to have cats and dogs to replace as actual babies? People are slowly drowning upon having kids and Strickland is right they do need to rethink their lives! Strickland thinks deeper then you all think

  5. Youve had a rough life Sean, and I realize the reason you dont appreciate or understand the love one has with a dog is because youve never felt that kind of unconditional love and loyalty from anyone in your life. Get a dog Sean. P.S. Big fan of you, so glad you beat Izzy like I thought you would.

  6. Poatan wants no smoke with Ankaliav as Whitaker wants none with Chimiav (Superior Ground Games).. Poatan & Whitaker will both be eaten raw with no seasoning🤧🤧.. BOTH MAGOMEV AND CHIMIAV WILL FINISH THEIR PLATES 🫣🫣🍽️🍽️

  7. All the people saying that Pierea is gonna walk thru Jamahal Hill or that the fight isnt good enough to headline UFC 300, smh! yall crazy thats the fight for the belt at LHW for one and for two its gonna be a barn burner! 2 big bad dudes that both have hands and proven chins!

  8. 11:49 Chiesea and the "soy boy keyboard warriors"🫦💅 talking sh**t on A REAL ONE STRICKLAND until someone chick checks them👊😏😈.. I as Strickand have CTE😏🙋‍♂️ (I had a few concussions that never sought treatment for and fought allot in a tough violent upbringing as Strickand and or Masvidal) so catch us CTE ppl on a bad day and we will throw hands then think of the consequences later💯😈

  9. Sean needs to just take a break from social media First.
    Of all Next Election we will have a new Prime Minister in our Country. Sean, do you know the 3 judges in your fight , Two of them from america and I believe the third judge was from venezuela. I know you wanna bash our country well.Yeah, our Prime Minister as a pigeon 100%. And I can't wait till he is not our prime minister anymore but he smokes weed And bangs hot models while he's married. Your President likes to likes to smell. Little girl's hair and he can never Bang anybody. Because he's too old. That's his running your country. I thought it was a close fight, but you lost.. And you don't think they didn't want you to win?So you could talk crazy like you do right now… Just remember Sean.If you ever want to be a true champion you have to defend that belt at least once.

  10. Make sure you tell Sean that a true champion defense is about once.That's something he never and the judges.Two americans and a south american……… You should ask for judges that have daddy issues too.Maybe then you'll get a fair shake.

  11. I’m a huge Strickland fan but dude now he’s attacking dog lovers? Jesus. Maybe not the Strickland fan I once was. Guess I’m not manly enough