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Quoi de neuf, combattez les fans ! Préparez-vous car la vidéo d'aujourd'hui regorge de nouvelles explosives qui ont enflammé le monde du MMA ! En tête de la charge, Sean Strickland lance une bombe avec sa décision choquante qui pourrait redéfinir son avenir à l'UFC. Mais ce n'est que la pointe de l'iceberg. Merab Dvalishvili, le maître de la moquerie, est de retour, taquinant sans relâche Sean O'Malley dans son dernier chef-d'œuvre comique. Le drame s'intensifie à mesure que Khabib Nurmagomedov s'exprime sur les affirmations audacieuses de Georges St-Pierre. GSP pense qu'il avait l'avantage sur Khabib dans un combat de rêve qui a alimenté les débats des fans du monde entier. Et les amis, attachez-vous parce qu’il y a plus d’où cela vient. Nous disséquons le tumulte entourant la querelle de Strickland avec l'UFC, analysons l'esprit des farces de Dvalishvili et plongeons en profondeur dans l'hypothétique super-combat entre les titans du MMA Khabib et GSP. Cet épisode regorge d’analyses, de rires et de débats acharnés qui font tourner le monde des sports de combat. Alors, êtes-vous prêt pour un voyage en montagnes russes à travers les dernières et meilleures nouveautés du MMA ? Éliminons le bruit, disséquons le drame et célébrons la pure imprévisibilité de ce sport que nous aimons. On enlève les gants et la confrontation commence maintenant !

30 Responses

  1. Nah strickland shouldn't get the rematch right away, just like izzy didn't get the rematch against him right away. To get a rematch right after loosing the beld you need to have at least somd title defenses. You need to be a dominant champ. Strickland lost the belt in his first defense.

  2. Why would ddp fight strickland, while he can fight a new opponent who has a better resume than Stickland in the form of Izzy and make more money than in a rematch with Strickland. If strickland went after ddp the way he went after Izzy he prob would have won and would not be in this situation. He won the belt, was never able to defend the belt succesfully 1 time, yet complains that izzy is getting the next shot who has defended the belt multiple times

  3. Shawn should get the next title shot over Izzy. Shawn whipped his ass period.. That shouldn't allow Izzy to jump Shawn in the title picture.. If any fight should be made it's Shawn vs Izzy again to see who get the title shot. Plus I don't think Dicrus du Plessos will fight in Perth when they are going to Africa soon.. Doesn't make any sense for him IMO..

  4. Gsp would have been a great fight but kabob only fought fighters smaller than him. That’s why he would rather kill himself in weight cut than fight in a higher weight. That’s why he retired so soon.

  5. In Georgia, we have surnames with this ending: Alasania, Malazonia, etc. Because Adesanya sounds like Alasania, that's why I have such a fantasy. Adesania should say at the press conference that he became a Georgian because Merab betrayed Georgia because he became a Mexican, he should put Papakhi on his head, and then nock out Merab Dvalishvili 🤣

  6. I thought Sean beat Dricus. I think Sean deserves the rematch, but I understand the choice to put Sean on the shelf until Izzy and Dricus fight. Sean should absolutely get the winner though, no matter who wins or by how close the fight is.

  7. Strickland won 1,3,5 and was robbed, then was denied the instant rematch almost every other Champ gets, then the guy he beat gets another title shot vs DDP. This makes no sense.. Complete BS.

  8. The dumbass people who think Canada didn’t have influence on the American judges need to shut up. All they have to do is threaten to not allow them to judge in Canada again. Same thing the UFC does to judges in Vegas.

  9. Even when Sean says he is venting like a woman, everything he says is still
    All of Izzy's ex fans can only throw the 'stop crying' line in.😂

  10. Strickland gained my respect after beating Adesanya… but it lasted very little because OF HIS FILTHY MOUTH AND BIGOTED IDEAS!!! Du Plessis beat him fair and square… if Strickland wants to go… preem!!! Let him go!!! Is irrelevant right now.