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Nouvelles de l'UFC aujourd'hui, la communauté MMA réagit à la nouvelle transformation corporelle de Conor McGregor et nous avons les détails. Ensuite, nous avons des nouvelles, Dana White entre dans des échanges houleux et bien plus encore. #UFC #MMA news – Israël Adesanya contre Dricus Du Plessis SUIVANT ! (0:00) -Dana White ÉCHANGE CHAUFFÉ avec le sponsor de l'UFC ! (1:42) -Robert Whittaker RÉAGIT au COMBAT DE Khamzat Chimaev ! (2:59) -Tom Aspinall RÉVÈLE le prochain COMBAT UFC ! (4:13) -George St Pierre aurait-il BATTU Khabib ? (5:44) -MISE À JOUR de l'UFC Fight ! (7:16) -Conor McGregor RÉVÈLE LA VÉRITÉ sur MMA FUTURE ! (8:54) Sources : Robert Whittaker réagit au combat de Khamzat sur MMArcade Podcast : Entretien de Dana White avec Sage Steele Podcast : Tom Aspinall parle du prochain combat UFC : Entretien de Conor McGregor avec TNT Sports : Entretien de Georges St-Pierre avec Kamaru Usman et Henry Cejudo :

34 Responses

  1. Ufc always giving Izzy the upper hand , why would driccus wanna fly to Aussie ! , Izzy wouldnt wanna lose in Africa it would crush him

  2. Conor McGregor has no incentive to ever fight again! He has over 100 million dollars and investments like "Proper Twelve" and his other businesses. Conor is just trolling on social media to stay relevant!

  3. Still this is way usa is always great u have your right to choose n believe in what's important to you and back the people u believe rin our country the Best

  4. Do you McGregor fans really think he os relevant? Poirier beat him twice. Khabiv beat him. Nate Diaz beat him twice if judges where real. McGregor only win is over cowboy.

  5. Australia is not Adesanya's backyard. He is from New Zealand. Why are Americans so clueless when it comes to geographical locations ?😂

  6. Assuming Conor has been juicing like a vegan for the last several years, and up until fairly recently… i wonder how bad coming off the sauce has been on his own testosterone production. Its supposed to bottom out, and everything returning to normal could take a while if it ever recovers fully at all.