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Nouvelles de l'UFC aujourd'hui, nous avons la communauté MMA qui s'en prend à Dustin Poirier pour un nouvel accord et nous avons les détails. Ensuite, nous avons des nouvelles, Paddy Pimblett est à nouveau appelé et bien plus encore. #UFC #MMA news -Charles Oliveira brise le silence sur l'UFC 300 FIGHT ! (0:00) -L'entraîneur de Khabib riposte à Daniel Cormier pour COMMENTAIRE ! (1:29) -Paddy Pimblett est APPELÉ… ENCORE ! (2:39) -Dana White RÉAGIT à un MOMENT EMBARRASSANT ! (3:58) -La communauté MMA rôtit Israël Adesanya et Jamahal Hill ! (5:25) -MISE À JOUR de l'UFC Fight ! (6:46) -Dustin Poirier RÉVÈLE UN GROS MOMENT D'ARGENT ! (7:37) Sources : Entretien de Charles Oliveira avec MMA Mania : Entretien de Dana White avec TNT Sports : Entretien de Javier Mendez avec MMA Mania : Entretien de Dana White avec Sage Steele Podcast :

50 Responses

  1. Still if ur actions murder Black minorities of All races and no wealth people any profiling against humanity it's wrong stop this bad behavior stopp

  2. Still remember u promised under oath to protect the weak n poor n elderly n neede n disabled and All people of everyone you accepted this challenge n we are proud All rules matter for everyone

  3. I don’t understand why people are mad that Dustin is getting paid. Anyone in his position would take the money. I thought the liberals were the whining babies but I see the conservatives are become what they once hated so much.

  4. At this point the rivalry between izzy and alex don't even really involve them its just fans on both sides talking shit like those men don't have a mutual respect for each other.

  5. I'm happy for Dustin I was big on the boycott but now they knew they messed up is there any point of this where we be human beings and show forgiveness if they're sorry is sincere they've been an American brand for a long time can we at least give them a shot at redemption

  6. To all the haters, izzy can defs help Jamahal by telling him what to watch out for and what Peirera does best and how he does it, the man would know he's been in the ring/cage woth him 4 times lmfao ufc casuals need to get a life or find a hobby lol

  7. Still remember the rights of other's this is USA and people hv right s Don fight with fellow citizen s when driving I witness wrong crazy behavior but it's ur choice n fault

  8. Still I can go through A MD drive through A list of dates and time when employee of MD shit on the customer service is terrible and combative at many of MD drive through s the corporate needs to install cams n rotate 2 keep 👀 on action of employees they be shocked

  9. Everyone always "breaking their silence" on this page lol. Lazy writers. 😂 Change your name to breaking silence mma.

  10. Pereira needs cancel that offer to Izzy about if they're now cool and if they could train together. Not yet
    They aren't on the same page yet

  11. Dude can you post some positive comments? I get it drama sells but this channel is like Oprah every day I read complaints.

  12. Once that dumbass coach said “I’m being bias because I love him” then everything he’s going to say mean absolutely NOTHING

  13. All these clown talking about Dustin like it does say BUD LIGHT in the ring and no one says shit about it 😂🤡🤡🤡

  14. lmao every one of those clowns speaking on alex/izzy proved they're casuals with those delusional takes. Just because you managed to get a couple Ko's doesn't mean you weren't being decisively beaten before that happens.

    Also a clown world of people thinking everyone is so obsessed with that goofy as trans beer fiasco, especially being Dustin as I don't think he has given any indication to be for or against trans people etc.

  15. All these keyboard wires talking about Dustin selling out for but like means that none of y’all pay attention! He did a deal with Bud Light who does more for veterans than y’all trash ass. if y’all with any issues y’all would sell out to the C CP

  16. Ughhhh I'm sick of this invincible BS status put on Khabib. His padded record is s joke, he's done nothing to really prove all that monster😢, he QUIT before he had to end up fighting any real competition, even though Tibau stuffed every take down leaving Khabib looking like a windmilling drunk teenager fighting with those trash striking skills at the time ifykyk