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Récemment, Marc Goddard a eu une certaine controverse en tant qu'arbitre de MMA avec Cédric Doumbe, Brian Ortega, Israel Adesanya et plus encore. Ceci est ma réaction à ses récents moments RAGE, dites-moi ce que vous en pensez dans la section commentaires ci-dessous. Rejoignez The Beanie Cult pour avoir accès aux flux de questions-réponses MMA en direct réservés aux membres. Aimez et abonnez-vous !

24 Responses

  1. I wanted it include better footage for this video but it kept getting copyright seeing as most of the footage is from fight ending moments.

    What do you guys think? Is Goddard Rage Maxing? or is he not angry enough? Maybe we should wait and see how far his rage can go before we actually step in.

  2. i'd love to see goddard do this to the wrong fighter and get knocked out cold before he even knows what happened.

  3. So we not gonna talk about Brian Ortega choking Rodriguez to submission to where Ortega wouldn’t let go of the choke…. Hence Goddard being pissed because he tried to get Ortega off him…..

  4. in that dc fight with stipe, dc started eye poking stipe again after doing serious damage to him with eye pokes in their previous fight that required surgery. not at all a fan of goddard but that was karma for dc.

  5. It's obvious you haven't been to a ufc fight, you think it's quiet in there, of course he can't just talk like a soyboy

  6. Jiri was taking damage from Pereira, and to change the position, he stumbled over Alex, taking him by the legs and pulling his own weight down to escape; he took damage but wasn't knocked out. If Goddard hadn't intervened, perhaps Jiri wouldn't have won later, but Goddard certainly ruined what could have been the most epic fight of the UFC, and not just one of the best