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18 Responses

  1. 0:23 Joe pyfer with hairline and guru admires his own hairline
    1:34 fighter pay – fighters make too much money?
    3:54 attacks a chat member for not giving insider info on tuivasa being drunk before his fight
    4:40 Merab meets O’Malley?
    6:15 admires his genetics for being better than the genetics of 90% of chat members
    7:32 masvidal vs McGregor

  2. That hair is an absolute abomination….if my wife walks in the room I minimise the screen cos she would leave me for following a guy with that haircut lol

  3. 1:34 why would you regards compare salaries of average people with pro fighters? Average people dont suffer head blows which makes their brains unusable at old age. And they have no pension. Guru and his fanbase are room tperature iq

  4. Brother is gaining weight hella fast. He was doing so good but making that big money now so I bet he’s eating out non stop. Sad to see fr

  5. If he likes his hairline why does he constantly pull those two strands on the sides to his eyebrows to hide the sides of his forehead

  6. Comparing fighter to pay to regular person pay is dumb. The whole point is in comparison to other sports, especially boxing. Basically any dude can go work a 9-5, but not every person is competent enough athleticism & iq wise to become a fighter good enough to make it to the UFC, which is a tiny % of overall competitors in the world. Some fighters like BSD in his debut are having absolute wars and getting paid like 30k lmao. Even Dan Hooker only got 116k against Porier – which is still a lot of money, but dude probably lost years of his life from that and maybe went home with about 50k after taxes & trainer etc. Guru can be such a corporate shill sometimes its weird.