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LE GURU DU MMA SUR 'DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON' SOUMETTANT '250LB BJJ WORLD CHAMP' ET LE RETOUR D'ALDO À 'UFC 301' AIMEZ ET ABONNEZ-VOUS ! – #mmaguru #ufc #mma #seanstrickland #isrealadesanya #volkanovski #islammakhachev #iliatopuria #dricusduplessis #iangarry #sergeipavlovich #tomaspinall #ngannou #khabib #seanomalley #franci sngannou # ufc300 #conormcgregor #dustinpoirier #jamahalhill #alexpereira #jonjones

21 Responses

  1. Guru wont do a meet and greet, but he would do a meat and greet any day. Everyone has to bring a smoked brisket and they get a selfie and a ride in his wheelchair

  2. Guru can’t come to terms with the fact that being a fucking behemoth like him is not enough to beat a professional fighter so he’s saying it’s rigged 😂

  3. I’m a bjj blue belt and you’d be surprised these small guys can move so fast pass your guard or jump to your back so fast it’s insane couldn’t believe it until it happened to me

  4. More like the guy is likely a working man who do jiu jitsu 2-3 time a week against a multiple time world champion who dedicated his life to combat sports… no shit 100+ pounds wont change the outcome!
    Btw i mean absolutely no disrespect to the bigger guy, he did wwwwaaaayyyyyy better than all of us would against DJ.

  5. "I dont like people, or being around people"

    wonders why hes a virgin and never kissed a girl

    Guru is my favorite lolcow.