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LE GURU DU MMA SUR LE « PAIEMENT DE RÈGLEMENT LÉGAL » DE L'UFC AUX COMBATTANTS + IMPRESSIONS HILARANTES AIMEZ ET ABONNEZ-VOUS ! – #mmaguru #ufc #mma #seanstrickland #isrealadesanya #volkanovski #islammakhachev #iliatopuria #dricusduplessis #iangarry #sergeipavlovich #tomaspinall #ngannou #khabib #seanomalley #franci sngannou # ufc300 #conormcgregor #dustinpoirier #jamahalhill #alexpereira #jonjones

33 Responses

  1. Gagou was making $600k a fight but still managed to be broke after a year off. It doesn't matter how much someone makes when they are too stupid to manage their money.

  2. It's not necessarily about the Ali act that I cared about , but the loss of that settlement is not good , at all for the fighters and future fighters , the UFC now completely owns the market , and no other company can compete, not even close because of the contracts , and now the fighter pay ain't changing anytime soon if at all, it was actually a dark day for MMA, and I love the UFC I do but, the fighters are now going to be really having to do it for "being the best" because if they're doing it for money, they are fucked….

  3. He made 600k against gane. He made less against the others. Rent and food is expensive especially since Francis is 270 lbs of lean muscle. Do u ever remember francis buying watches before the fury fight? Didn’t he start buying watches after the fury payday? Francis also has to pay for coaches, training gear, sparing partners etc for more than a decade or training so it makes sense why he owed usman money.

    Unless u are a champ or really popular u make less than minimum wage after paying for all the bills

  4. Under 100k for their first year of working is a slimely way of putting it. No one's first year of MMA starts in the UFC these guys are the top 0.01% of one of the biggest sports in the world and they make less than gas station worker. UFC is making billions off them. Raising fighter pay would result in higher quality fights because up and coming fighters would be able to afford better recovery and training. Raising fighter pay would also result in better fights because more people would see the UFC as a viable career and would join the UFC instead of going to other sports. We cant have a heavyweight division because any half decent heavy weight athele has gone to another sport. Guru cant say shit about rich people because hes probably making more off a single stream than most UFC fighters do in their first fight.

  5. “Wadddaya meeen we gotta payoot tree hunded mill to dese little fool of a ting yeah. Cung Le?! Who da fook is dat guy?”