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Le MMA féminin continue d’être nul et ce sera toujours le cas. Rien contre les combattants, je ne dis pas que c'est de leur faute, mais nous ne nous soucions pas vraiment en tant que fans de WMMA. bien sûr, il y a des combattants qui l'apportent à chaque fois (Weili, Aldana), mais la majorité ne sont que des combattants obsolètes qui n'apportent aucune valeur de divertissement à l'UFC.

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  1. Women’s MMA has always been trash. Rousey was the one and only legit star the UFC ever had. Nunes couldn’t draw flies. A fighter roster with a depth and breath of skills just is not there. Dana should see the women’s divisions for the failed experiment it is and drop them all from the organization.

    A super fight like Zhang versus Shevchenko is the only thing that might interest me. The skill gap between the good women fighters and the rest of the pack is so great that you could literally only have one weight class. If it was able to be sanctioned, you could have one women’s division 145 pounds and under, and unless Kayla Harrison comes down to town Shevchenko and Zhang would beat them all

  2. This weekend makes me irrationally annoyed. I can't remember a card i care less about, and of course i don't work this weekend.

  3. We would ALL care about Rose even if she LOST HER NEXT 3 fights..
    If only she left pat barry & grew out her hair & allow herself to become attractive again.


  4. I don’t care about women fighting either way, but the bigger issue I have with, is the fact that at least half of the women’s roster, are not even real women. I hate watching a girl getting smashed by a man in a sports bra.👎🤥🤥🤥

  5. someteims sometiems but sometimes they are ok but dont them or others say they are as good as men. i dont like it when they say they are jst as good or better

  6. women not being main event is a pretty shit take , if fat useless heavyweights with no title get to main event then we can have a women's title fight here and there

  7. I think straweight is better than heavyweight and almost as good as middleweight.
    Rose, Joanna and Weili have basically the same skill as Izzy, Whittaker and Alex Pereira, Jessica Andrade is not far off Dricus Du Plessis, Carla Esparza is not far off Yoel Romero when it comes to wrestling at least maybe more similar to Brunson.
    Rose vs Carla was basically Romero vs Izzy only a little bit worse.

  8. So damn true, I sleep on literally every female fighter except Zhang Weili. Her fights aren’t even bangers by women’s MMA standards – they’re just bangers. She’s so violent and doesn’t allow anyone to have a boring fight

  9. We really took Joanna’s reign. Hasn’t been the same since she retired. Only lady fighter I look forward to watch is weili

  10. The issue with WMMA is the whole intrigue of combat is the idea that someone's going to get hurt/KOed at any moment. When men fight you know that's a possibility because every man has the power to KO their opponent. When women fight, the vast majority lack power so there's simply no suspense or danger. After 2 rounds of Rose/Ribas you knew you could safely get up and walk away and be confident the fight would still be pitter-pattering along when you come back.

    This is true for basically every women's fight, with a few exceptions like Nunes/Cyborg/Val/Weili but those make for 1 in 100 entertaining WMMA fights. I'd rather see WMMA scrapped entirely or made a separate entity like the WNBA than take a 1/100 gamble that it will be one of those rare good fights, and the other 99 times have my time wasted by having to sit through WMMA.