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Après l'annonce de Pavlovich contre Volkov à l'UFC Arabie Saoudite, il y a eu des conversations sur la suite des événements pour Tom Aspinall, Jon Jones, Ciryl Gane, Curtis Blaydes et d'autres poids lourds de l'UFC, dites-moi ce que vous pensez dans la section commentaires ci-dessous. . Rejoignez The Beanie Cult pour avoir accès aux flux de questions-réponses MMA en direct réservés aux membres. Aimez et abonnez-vous !

27 Responses

  1. Thought I'd put together all the evidence. At a certain point we have to see that Aspinall, Blaydes and Pavlovich are all lining up to fight each other and Gane hasn't fought any of them. We don't hear Blaydes or Aspinall calling out any other heavyweights for ducking other than Gane. Then there's the interview in this video where Gane literally admits to planning on waiting out for the winning of Jones vs Miocic after beating Spivak last year. Gotta be a punishment for this.

  2. He fights Alma’s😂 no he doesn’t he gets squished then choked. I’m laughing thinking about how sweaty gane will be entering that cage🥵. GREASED😮 THATS HIS ANSWER.

  3. gane needs to know that if you don’t take risks there won’t be no reward. Why’s he scared of contenders if he’s aiming to become the champion 😂

  4. Not sure if you can complain too much about any HW at the moment, except for Jones. Jones and Stipe holding the whole division hostage, so nobody sees a path to the title and nobody wants to fight.