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Les premières vidéos mises en ligne sur ma chaîne étaient des diatribes sur le MMA. cette série a duré environ 9 vidéos jusqu'à ce que finalement je sois à court de choses à déclamer. Considérant que nous venons d'atteindre 20K, j'ai pensé faire un retour de cette série pour une fois et déclamer sur des choses que je n'aime vraiment pas dans le MMA en ce moment.

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  1. Imo khabib COULD HAVE been the GOAT, but he's not because he just doesn't have the resume that jones and DJ have. He was arguably the most dominant of all time, but in order to be considered GOAT, imo he would have had to move up to 170, beat usman, edwards, colby, burns etc. And the crazy thing is I believe he could have done that, but unfortunately he cut his career short.

    The way he beat gaethje, porier etc was honestly the most dominant I've ever seen someone be over people who are that good, but it just wasn't enough.

    The craziest thing to me is he was just entering his prime, such a good fighter. Even gaethje (who's usman's training partner), said that he doesn't think anyone under 185 could beat khabib.

  2. 3 defences dont make you the goat, unless their in the consensus hardest division in the sport in the consensus hardest era in mma history. Also being the most dominant helps😂 dj gsp jones silva were facing outdated legends who wouldnt be ranked today. That includes dc. Stop being ignorant.
    Nice job ignoring how the differences in eras impacts how you get your title shot. Dj had a title shot in his second ever flyweight fight. Silva got a title shot second ever ufc fight. Gsp beat a guy whos 0-4 in the ufc to get his title shot.
    Your comparing legends of the previous era to today which doesnt work. People dont get title shots as easy as back den and thats why champs nowadays cap off at 3-5 defences, because the road to the title is MUCH harder den 10+ years ago.
    Every other goat candidate had it easy, meanwhile kebab went 9-0 in the hardest era and division before even sniffing a title shot, while also being ducked every time. Title defences dont distinguish who’s greater, otherwise matt hughes > usman lol. Theirs much MUCH more to take into account. Level of competition, difficulty of the road to the title, skill level, dominance, versatility, resume, longevity and quality, records, any of these things at a high enough level can put you in the goat convo.

  3. Bias against khabib yet again. Take a look at any khabib post and you’ll see Conor fanboys doing the exact same and worse. I can admit khabib fans are toxic but at least we don’t go after fighter’s religion, race, etc. And at least we’re fans of people that are actually good fighters and not fans of people who ran off to Hollywood instead of entertaining their fans with fights. I promise you most khabib fans don’t consider him the goat of the sport that is something you haters always pretend like we say.

  4. Who cares about the bout order though? Bo Nickal will sell more ppv buys than aljo or garbrandt. As long as we get the fights who cares what order

  5. As Khabib fan i respect olives
    🇧🇷 and am rooting for him to humble Arman. And i’ve noticed most of the time khabib fans are caught up defending themselves from racists and mma guru/conor fans. And they always reply with toxicity like calling them chickens. Dont fight fire with fire similarly dont fight hate with hate. Spread peace and love guys❤️