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Le procès antitrust contre l'UFC est terminé et les actionnaires sont contents. C'était la grande nouvelle mercredi, puisque la société mère de l'UFC – TKO Group Holdings – a déposé une déclaration auprès de la Securities and Exchange Commission révélant que la société avait réglé deux recours collectifs distincts avec un paiement total de 335 millions de dollars aux combattants de l'UFC qui contestaient. la structure salariale de l'UFC. Rejoignez notre chaîne pour accéder à des avantages : aimez, partagez et abonnez-vous à notre chaîne si vous aimez notre contenu. Suivez-nous sur les réseaux sociaux à : Twitter : #ufc #mma #danawhite #antitrust #tko

40 Responses

  1. I think it's funny Tito understands the concept of worker's rights yet is too dumb to put the pieces together so he still votes republican. Same for every other ufc fighter tho.

  2. Imagine wanting to pump gas your whole life , but knowing the pay is horrible. Yet you still go ahead and pump gas ..
    No sympathy from me , you know what you signed up for , you literally wanted it ..

  3. The sport has been saved. Nobody wants the fighters to be pampered little princesses like pro-boxers who fight once a year vs nameless bums and duck all the other top contenders.

    Without the UFC having control over the fighters, you wouldn't see HUGE cards like 298, 299, 300 etc. You can increase fighter pay without instilling the same stupid ALI act laws that killed pro boxing

  4. The company ultimate fighting championship is the company that tell the ufc champions your fighting the fighter the fans want to watch un like boxing 🥊 fight champion choose their opponent because the boxer do not care about the fans want to see boxing has like 4 or 5 belts organization WBC WBA WBO IBF ring magazine belt. Options .

  5. Heard the news from Luke Thomas yesterday, and was just Sad. The potential for Change gone in an instant, especially regarding how fighters are treated going forward.

  6. I love that so many people think of Tito Ortize as some idiot but when it comes to fighter pay…..yeah that guy spells it out perfectly

  7. According to google the average UFC fighter made $160,023 in 2021 and the average professional boxer made $51,370. Only the top 1% of boxers get the big paydays while the undercards get paid peanuts and nobody even knows who they are.

  8. I'm confused. If this was a settlement (not a trial ruling), that ends this case but it doesn't set a legal precedent, right? So the current UFC contracts aren't backed by law now. Can't other fighters still legally challenge them in the future?

  9. I might be wrong, but I do think a collective bargaining agreement can and often does have the power to prohibit an organization from using “scabs” to subvert the provisions stipulated by a labor contract.
    A union would make a massive difference to mma fighters in any case.

  10. I think the big think people miss is the average UFC fighter earns way more than the average boxer. The opener on the Mayweather/McGregor (the 2nd biggest PPV of all time) card got like $3500 to show, that same weekend in the UFC a random fight card the opener for $10,000 to show. There is things that the UFC should definitely give up, i.e. ancillary rights, health insurance (that gets better as you fight for them longer) etc but people compare the salaries to boxing way too much, on a boxing PPV usually its only the main event making any real money & maybe the co-main maybe gets around the $500k mark. Outside of that you'll be lucky to make more than $25,000-$30,000 even on massive PPVs

  11. im starting to feel like this channel is UFC propaganda…how are we going to sit here and try to spin this like this is good? its like you guys are the UFCs puppets and your trying to make them look good…end of the day they LOST in COURT. they had to pay up for their wrong doings. end of story. stop trying to sugar coat this shit

  12. 4:25 this is not correct. But it’s all public. It comes down to the class action implications. It was never going to trial. But if it did, those named would never win that. There’s no precedent in so far as non-unionized workers asking for revenue shares matching that of leagues like the nba etc. which is preposterous bc that’s based on collective bargaining. Non unionized workers have NEVER been given legal relief or possessed a legal right to an employers revenue. Bc they do not partake in the fiduciary risk. It’s hard to express truly how inconceivable it is for non union labor to demand revenue. It’s line mma on point members demanding revenue share of your company. It’s not happening. Though would have been interesting to see it litigated . 90% chance that was going to the Supreme Court

  13. Tom are you some overweight nerd living in your parent's basement or something. It's just weird and uncomfortably awkward when I watch videos like this

  14. Did the ufc destroy the plaintiffs, or did the plaintiff take such a paltry payout cuz they didn't think they'd win?
    335 mill is less a loss for the ufc than it is a gain for the plaintiffs.

  15. The promotion needs to make money too. The owners/boss make more money than the workers. Thats just how it works. Boxing doesn't have its version of UFC. And thats why boxing sucks

  16. The UFC got lucky (not just on this, but from the very beginning) that they operate in a gray area monopsony business of a fringe sport that is not beloved as a pastime. If this were a monopoly or a traditionally beloved sport, the fighters would not even need to sue because the Feds would have prosecuted the UFC themselves decades ago.

  17. Yeah it's pretty depressing that it's only at 300 million. They should have kept going because even though the chances aren't great, it's still is a chance it could have ended up being better than what they got.