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MMA news aujourd'hui : SEAN STRICKLAND SE LANCE DANS UN SPARRING COMPÉTITIF AVEC JAIR PEREZ MERAB DVALISHVILI CONTINUE DE SE MOQUER DE SEAN O'MALLEY DOMINICK REYES RÉVÈLE QU'IL A COMPLÈTEMENT RÉCUPÉRÉ D'UNE CONDITION MENACANTE POUR LA VIE MAX HOLLOWAY TIRE LES CRITIQUES CONOR MCGREGOR ARRÊTE TOUTE PARLER DE RETRAITE JAMAHAL HILL RÉVÈLE SES PLANS APRÈS l'UFC 300 00:00 Dominick Reyes guéri d'un caillot de sang 01:24 Merab continue de se moquer de Sean O'Malley 02:20 Conor McGregor rejette toute sorte de discussion sur la retraite 03:48 Jamahal Hill parle de la suite après l'UFC 300 05:13 Sean Strickland combat un combattant poids plume 07:16 Max Holloway riposte aux critiques 08:37 TOP 3 des mèmes MMA Contact : #UFC #MMA #MMANEWS

44 Responses

  1. Reyes should never ran away in round 4 and 5. He qwnt into survival mode in round 4 and 4, wtf. That's why he lost in the judges eyes.

    And he was never the same. Jones broke his spirit.

  2. Sparing is not always about winning rounds, it's about helping each other get better. Plus, defense sparring is important too. Sean was being a good sparing partner and letting that guy get in work.

  3. HAHAHA JAMAHAL is such a wanker jiri himself came out and said he was KO’d when Marc Goddard helped him up to the cage he thought it was the end of the round 😂

  4. Im not a Stricland fan but i respect what type of fighter he is, calling that " some time getting the better of the previous ufc champ" is a far stretch. Please stop saying bullshit like that. He was practicing his counters and defense.

  5. Strickland was being a good training partner and getting that guy ready for a fight, so he was being easy on him. But he landed pretty good shots after he hit him hard.
    And max is right.Don't be talking shit about him when When you never Never fought the poness that he has in the cage

  6. If anyone watches that and thinks Sean is trying you are an absolute 🤡 he would squash that 🐁 if he started it up

  7. Sean Strickland always ready to spar anybody for Free , but he won't spar with Jake Paul , and Jake offered him a $$ Million Dollars $$ to spar him on camera . Sean is flat scared to spar Jake on camera and turned down the Million Dollar Offer . He said he's not allowed to spar Jake , except he can spar everybody else . – Fact Check it yourself .

  8. 155 fighting a Heavy weight.
    What planet is this dude on.
    You should have fought DC mate.
    Maybe he'll take it easy on ya.