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MMA Guru RAGES contre Joaquin Buckley ASSOCIANT Vicente Luque ! Abonnez-vous pour plus de clips ! Abonnez-vous au MMA Guru : rejoignez l'armée Stewru :

43 Responses

  1. Bro sounded like he was about to cry lol who cares it's not rigged im so tired of hearing this, why would Luque throw a fight and lose money???? Like use logic here guys

  2. I seen im pull guard and lose by shelling up and was like "worst iq in history" followed by "i wonder what mmaguru gonna say about this. Cant wait" LMFAO

  3. People gonna argue just to disagree with Guru but that stoppage was AT BEST Luque literally quitting. This card was full of shady shit.

  4. Luque is done anyway. Disgraceful at some level. Some strange stoppages and bad reffing. Can't even remember it all now. Some guy was pounded silly and the fight wasn't stopped.

  5. It’s not rigged. Luque has looked bad ever since he got knocked out, can’t rely on his chin anymore so he’s uncomfortable on the feet

  6. This was me seeing Weidman ruin my parlay. This event might not have been a banger but at least it was interesting with all the controversy and weird fights.

  7. Saying buckley can’t fight is OD the way he moves in n out n throws punches to the head n body isn’t sumn dat someone that “can’t fight” could do an u could definitely see it was giving vicente problems to. & rigged for what? buckley isn’t a star 😂 this guys sayin sum straii bs rn

  8. I’m really starting to think guru just hates having wrong predictions 😂 especially when he thinks one is gonna go exactly how he predicted. it’s hilarious to see em rage

  9. He's forgetting Luque had a brain bleed and hasn't stood up and fought since. He turned into a wrestler since he came back. He should retire to protect his health because fighting like that in UFC is dangerous.

  10. Bro I shit you not right before the fight started my cousin asked me “why do people say bjj is soy?”. Then luque pulled full guard and got ko’d. Lmao my cousin was like “ohh yeah”.