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  1. IMO fighters should get a bonus for doing this. It's like putting in extra work at the office. We need to reward them continuing to fight when their opponent is already finished

  2. “Locked in” Masvidal had too short of a stint for his prime man. Should’ve said fuck the title fights and gone for the big PPV hitters only

  3. I saw a vid one time, can’t remember by who, of sportsman like walk off kos. The creator was of the mind that it’s the “right thing to do” to stop when your opponent does. I commented “it’s the refs job to stop the fight, not the fighters” and the John Morgan’s just came out of the woodwork in the comments telling me piece of you-know-what I am. And hoping that I get beat up and whateva…
    Never had so much fun making them cry in their pants. Long live George for the quote. ❤

  4. I mean it's fun to joke around but i do agree with fighters that their job is to keep going until refs stop them. The opponent is trying to take their heads off. It would be unwise to take any chances to let them recover before the match ends. Fighters who won't stop when the refs pull them off on the other hand…

  5. I support Usman's extra shots & how he justified it using the same exact reasoning as Masvidal, giving him a taste of his own medicine. However, those were weak ass hammer fists.

  6. I stand by Jeremy Stephen’s “this guy TKOs people, when I knock people out they don’t f***in move” as one of the most underrated trash-talks in the sport. It’s overshadowed by the most overrated “who’s that guy” line that only even hits because everyone was caught up in McGregor mania and think anything said, no matter how lame, is cool because he has a goofy accent