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Notant l'appel de Rose Namajunas, la morsure d'Igor Severino et DC pourrait-il battre Tyson ? | Good Guy / Bad Guy (FULL SHOW) Dans cet épisode de Good Guy / Bad Guy, Daniel Cormier et Chael Sonnen notent les appels de Rose Namajunas après sa victoire par décision unanime contre Amanda Ribas. Ensuite, nous avons assisté à la toute première disqualification par morsure dans l’histoire de l’UFC lorsqu’Igor Severino a mordu Andre Lima. Certains fans de MMA pensent que DC pourrait battre « Iron » Mike Tyson à son apogée… dans un combat de rue, mais qu'en pensent DC et le Bad Guy ? 0:00 Aucune morsure autorisée 6:12 Rose Namajunas 14:27 En route vers l'UFC 300 21:30 Cette semaine dans l'histoire du MMA 25:05 Lutte NCAA 32:33 Bon, mauvais ou absolument nul #ESPN #MMA #UFC ✔ Pour en savoir plus UFC, inscrivez-vous à ESPN+ ✔ Téléchargez l'application ESPN : ✔ Abonnez-vous à ESPN sur YouTube : ✔ Abonnez-vous à ESPN FC sur YouTube : ✔ Abonnez-vous à NBA sur ESPN sur YouTube : ✔ Regardez ESPN sur YouTube TV :

30 Responses

  1. 2 wins against Johanna and Weili, but two losses to Carla.

    Btw for people who don’t know those two girls absolutely murdered Carla.

    Rose caught Johanna at the right time and 2nd Weili fight was basically a draw.

  2. Good correction on Jones, I thought same thing Bonnar was at UFC 100.

    Can’t keep track, too many.

    I think Severino has tasted human flesh before, not the first and not the last!!!!

  3. To be fair, Max asked for red shorts to support Hawaii vs. the zombie, and they gave it to him, so I'm sure the ufc wouldn't mind doin it again

  4. i wasn't gonna mention it but we are a few episodes in and I can't be the only one who notices the 1 second delay between their responses. I don't know why it bothers me so much lmfao PLEASE FIX THIS🙏

  5. lol DC could beat up any mortal. His level wresting alone would be too much for any non-grappler. Add his extensive mma skills on totality? People underestimate how good this man is/was. He only really lost to Jon Jones and Stipe, beating Stipe once. He’s shorter than most heavyweight and lightweights but them all but two of the best.

    Go watch how easily he lifted up mean bigger than him, rag dolled them and gave them directions to suplex city.

    Go watch how often Chael talks about DC’s skills. Watch how much respect even the Dagestani’s have for him – there’s a reason for that.

    I haven’t even watched this latest episode do DC and RC and don’t need to to address this.

    People’s memories these days are so short, people are so fickle. Too much talking with little understanding.

  6. I’m all for the UFC giving their fighters custom shorts and shirts and jackets but they should just let the fighters go back to actual shorts from MMA brands and actually let fighters bring back their banners with their sponsors

  7. That’s 2 episodes in a row they’ve talked about rose saying she’s back at straw weight she fought at 125!! I thought they would pick that up after the first episode