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Rejoignez notre chaîne pour avoir accès à des avantages : tout au long de l'histoire du MMA, il est pratiquement rare qu'une division perde tous ses champions d'un coup. Cela se produit actuellement avec la division poids lourds de l'UFC via Jon Jones et Stipe Miocic. Cette situation laisse derrière lui Tom Aspinall, Blaydes sans vraiment en avoir et de grands noms à combattre et plus de grands noms dans la division. Aimez, partagez et abonnez-vous à notre chaîne si vous aimez notre contenu. Suivez-nous sur les réseaux sociaux sur : Twitter : Twitter de Bayliun : #ufc #mma #mmaonpoint #jonjones #stipemiocic #tomaspinall

26 Responses

  1. One thing I will simply and always HATE , is fights not happening when someone is UNDENIABLE ! Simply put Tom deserves it , Stipe was great but the bench and legacy shouldn’t get you this fight

  2. i honestly cant believe the ufc is letting jones get away with this idk why they are so willing to let him ride off into the sunset without fighting a contender considering how much hes fucked them over in the past

  3. I think if Undisputed champ retires without unifying then the interim champ's title win and defences before Undisputed champ's retirement should be counted as Undisputed title defences . Otherwise the interim title wins and defences does not make any sense to me.

  4. So glad this is getting talked about. If Jon keeps ducking Tom until he retires, there's going to be (another) big point against him being the Goat. Hard to ride off into the sunset while your tail is tucked between your legs

  5. Either guy is still better on paper🤷 If he fought stipe it would be closer than most think. If Jones got a hold of him it would be over. Instantly. Im sure his wrestling is good for a Brit but good wrestling wouldnt save him. Only thing beating Jones is going to be age and for a heavyweight hes not old.

  6. Jon is hurt bro I don’t know what to tell yous, he already has the fight lined up with Stipe(which he already had lined up immediately after the gane fight) Tom just won at a bad time, if he wants to fight so bad, fight Cyril 🤷‍♂️

  7. put an English accent on a fighter and MMA on Point will glorify them, however Tom is a beast and in a bad situation. I just wanted to talk some crap lol

  8. We DEMAND Jones vs Aspinall! It's a legacy fight. Jones is crazy if he doesn't take this fight also. He will have beaten the best fighters in the previous generation, his own generation, and now the next generation at a new weight class. And for Tom it's clear what he has to gain.

  9. Jones ducking Aspinall to fight Stipe is Kevin Durant joining the Warriors. Yea you're going to win easily but nobody is going to respect it in the long run.

  10. Cut Jon and give Tom the belt. Jon looks like pudding, and the fight between him and Tom is a forgone conclusion.

  11. Whats happening fellas, ma niqqa JerrellMiller needs a fight open weight mma…who should he fight? ThorBjornson, BrianShaw, MijainLopez, BigShow, DaCrazyHawaian, MartynFord, AmirAliakbari, EddieHall?

  12. There is no issue with regards to this…let jones and miocic fight..then wait for the right time to fight whoever wins..or if he can’t wait..defend his interim belt..