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Pour avoir la chance d'aller à l'UFC 300 avec Jocko et d'économiser 20 % avec le code promo CHAEL, visitez Chael Sonnen parle de Conor McGregor contre Michael Chandler dans cet épisode de Beyond the Fight Bad Guy Inc. merch maintenant disponible sur Cliquez ici pour vous abonner : Suivez-moi sur IG : Suivez-moi sur Twitter : Tout ce qui concerne l'UFC et le MMA avec le Bad Guy invaincu, Chael Sonnen. Champions de l'UFC, Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, Colby Covington, Khamzat Chimaev, l'heure MMA et commentaires sur les dernières nouvelles de l'UFC, les champions de l'UFC en 2022, les KO et les finitions de l'UFC.

36 Responses

  1. I will never stop to care. I want to see Chandler vs Conor. So bad… I am just sad how UFC screws them over and over again …. those 2 would be a scrap of the year

  2. Just why? Conor has had one win since 2018 over an aging Cowboy. The sport has passed Conor by in 2024. He loses to any of the top 15 at this point.

  3. even using Connor as the title in the 4 of your last 8 videos, you still can't more than 20k views. time if not running out for the biggest star in combat sports who is Connor, time has run out on your channel and its viewership. furthermore, even with espn ima backing of 2 million subs, you cannot get 100 k views on videos also featuring Connor. counting down the days we will not be seeing the bad guy and the good guy for very long …… the descent continues …. karma

  4. The theme for when I'm on the toilet in the morning is Chael talking about talking, and meeting about meeting. Undefeated!

  5. The wagon comparison😂 Chaels ancestors went the Oregon trail and saw chandlers ancestor fall of a mountain with proper 12 barrels

  6. On the MMA hour with Helwani, Conor McGregor looks like he's losing size. He was definitely bulky in Roadhouse, and when Helwani interviewed him, he is obviously losing mass. I'm thinking 170lb vs. Chandler

  7. I need a Chael video on that MMA Guru guy. He lives in a shed and is in a wheelchair so I feel like there is a lot of material there to work with.

  8. Because we were had, unc. They just used the shine from this fight to promote TUF & roadhouse. Now they're just trying to save face. The fight is just not gonna happen.

  9. Once again not a single mention that Connor is suffering from addiction. That’s the ONLY hold up. I just don’t get why no one is addressing this issue.

  10. Almost nobody cares about this fight. For real. I couldnt care less, none of my watch party buddies GAF. Sold out to Bill Gates and Budlight, effing over conor, conors a tweaker now, wasting chandlers ufc career. Yeah that sounds like prime time entertainment 😂😂😂.