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Charly Arnolt s'entretient avec Rose Namajunas avant son deuxième combat UFC chez les poids mouches alors qu'elle discute des changements qu'elle a apportés dans sa vie et de ce qui est en jeu pour elle contre Amanda Ribas. #Namajunas #UFCVegas89 #UFC ✔ Pour plus d'UFC, inscrivez-vous à ESPN+ ✔ Obtenez l'application ESPN : ✔ Abonnez-vous à ESPN sur YouTube : ✔ Abonnez-vous à ESPN FC sur YouTube : ✔ Abonnez-vous à NBA sur ESPN sur YouTube : ✔ Regardez ESPN sur YouTube TV :

46 Responses

  1. She got royaly screwed in that fight against Carla. They both stood there the whole fight and awarded the challenger the victory. That would never happened to Izzy. Then on top of that she wasnt even given a chance at a rematch and basically removed from the rankings completely.

  2. It's like she's been brainwashed of any personality and has been in a cult. Just so robotic and trying to suppress any human emotion. Like talking to Alexa or Siri.

  3. I will say it, she play too much with Barry. Go back to your real coach. Or get another gym. Barry was useless to watch in her corner. Separate homelife worklife. It ShOwS. I will still root for her. No one could do to the China girl like she has. Watch & hope. Peace

  4. I will never ever watch this woman fight again. That last performance was the worst I have ever seen in combat sports. No excuse. I would have canceled her contract in a heartbeat.

  5. Man why does she self sabotage so hard? She could be such a beautiful woman, but I must admit in this video she is not easy to look at.