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Nouvelles de l'UFC aujourd'hui, nous avons Dana White suspendant un autre combattant de l'UFC pour utilisation de PED et nous avons les détails. Ensuite, nous avons des nouvelles, le prochain combat de Khamzat Chimaev à l'UFC sera bientôt révélé et bien plus encore. #UFC #MMA news -Dana White MENACE de QUITTER l'UFC pour Joe Rogan ! (0:00) -Sean O'Malley RÉVÈLE LE PROCHAIN ​​COMBAT UFC ! (1:20) -Max Holloway RÉVÈLE LA VÉRITÉ sur Justin Gaethje ! (15h00) -MISE À JOUR de l'UFC Fight ! (4:16) -Conor McGregor contre Michael Chandler FUITE ? (5:26) -Paddy Pimblett est DISRESPECTÉ dans une INTERVIEW ! (6:51) -Jiri Prochazka APPELLE Alex Pereira ! (8:10) -Khamzat Chimaev prochain combat UFC ! (9:32) -UFC Fighter SUSPENDU pour ROIDS ! (10:04) Sources : “TimboSugarShow” de Sean O'Malley et Tim Welch sur YouTube : Entretien de Dana White avec Lex Fridman sur YouTube : Entretien de Renato Moicano avec Ariel Helwani sur The MMA Hour : Max Holloway parle du combat de l'UFC 300 sur YouTube : Interview de Jiri Prochazka avec Full Violence™ sur YouTube :

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  1. Laura Sanko is fantastic, she is insightful, professional and keeps ahead of the game with very good commentary and insights. I can tell you who is terrible for UFC and that is that immature Nina Marie Daniele. She is weird with her flirting overly sexualised style, its off putting and she has zero clues about MMA she would be better on love island or some shit like that.

  2. Imagine this, training your whole life just to be busted for steroids and cut of some or most of your prime…. the scale of should I yes or no should be pretty obvious those penalties are nasty.

  3. 😂😂😂😂 @ copyright Lexfridman in upper left corner while Money Moicano speaking, and it says Dana White on the screen with the Audio Equalizer effect to insinuate its Dana talking 😂😂😂😂

  4. Suga Shit, you’re fighting Merab because the UFC told you that the same night you won against Chito…..🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤣

  5. You should have to earn your nickname his name should be more along the lines of podcast Moicano or third person moicano or motor mouth moicano something like that

  6. Joe Rogan explaining why you can't trust him to be unbiased when it comes to anything regarding the UFC then! He's 100% aligned with Dana's opinion

  7. Khamzats manager Majdi has to step up and give him a fight already. He can not just sit there with his Rolex smelling wolf perfume. The Chimaev stocks are falling.