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44 Responses

  1. I love watching you guys turn on people….One year ago you'd let Strickland take your booty hole virginity…Stop being fanboys of anyone

    Merab will be the next you turn on….that cringe can't last long

  2. Robert has brain damage. He's slowly making me not a fan. MVP is a more accomplished fight than Ian and while new to the UFC he's a vet in the game and Ian would be blessed to share to cage with him….. PERIOD.

  3. Sean is an idiot, but he was a loveable idiot. The problem with him now, is that his idiocy and his hubris is what caused him not take having the belt seriously; and since he lost it he finally woken up how absolutely stupid it was of him to treat it like it was nothing. Now he's scrambling to stay relevant, while also contending with himself about being the person he's projected himself to be and the reality that he is no longer poor; but as wealthy as the people he once hated.

    We're seeing a man absolutely crumble due to the weight of his created persona.

    It's honestly kind of sad, because for a gleaming moment after he won the belt; there was a glimmer of hope that Sean would then turn around and take his energy and directing it into motivating others to do better for themselves.

    Then he lost the belt and he just went nuts (and increasingly aggressive) again to stay relevant.

  4. Strickland your starting to get annoying, we don't need your opinion on everything bro… I liked sean like a month a go, but he doesn't stfu

  5. I’ll pay huge cash to see Strickland vs the pizza guy. His pizza reviews are absolute non sense and the pizza he reviews sucks! Needs an arse whipping…just for fun! lol. Haven’t bought a fight since espn, but I am in on this one!! 😂

  6. How much did Sean donate to the fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller’s family? Not a damn dime but he wants to pick in Prez?? You don’t pick fights with service men who protect us while we have the freedom to sleep and you don’t disrespect Dave and Ms. Peaches, everybody knows the rules!

  7. Everyone crying out sean is a hypocrite but secretly u know in their head they are saying id never be a hypocrite ill always be the same no matter what n im 40 n i been the same since i was 10 so if i were to change id be a hypicrite to my 10 yr old self

  8. Dog ppl are the worst , they always have emotional damage they dont wanna deal with n thats weak n sean wants a ddp rematch not the belt the way thses echo chamber heads are letting bounce out their mouth from it enteting their ear, these are the same ppl who hear an opinion n use it word for word as their own ,fvk that i dont know how lazy n uninspired can you be in life

  9. Was sean strickland really rooting for the dog to die or for man to man up , the reason we give kids pets are to give them responsibilty n companiomship n to learn how to deal with death in a healthy way before their first time dealing with death is when they are older n had no experience with wat the process of grieving is gonna be like, i have seen grown men turn mental when their pet dies when they are in their 20s like huh ? You gonna bevome an alcoholic cuz ur pet died like death isnt a part of life , its crazy ness wat r we doing ppl how soft in the head do u wanna be ppl , it aint healthy to be to soft or to hard , its about getting at an even keel n put it on auto pilot , even the jesus believers know their god died a human death , ill give them up to that but i cant believe in unicorns n santa claus

  10. Strickland sums up the Right Wing perfectly. Dumb and full of hate. Now he's against…mans best friend.😂

  11. Sean Strickland is men's fighter of the year. I can understand why he wants the immediate rematch, mostly because of that headbutt, but I hate immediate rematches and I feel like you need to have defended the belt a few times before you have the say in getting it. Sean's right about this silly dog children stuff.

  12. Dc with some recency bias saying dustin should get title shot, like we didnt see justin flat line him in under 2 rounds

  13. Strickland crying over not getting a shot when he got a shot after a loss is wild to me… bro just fight like you never got the title… if he was smart… he would hope Izzy wins… because I'm sure izzy would 100% want that fight back…

  14. I officially don’t like Strickland I took that shhh personally love my dog more than most people at least my dog is loyal unless someone pulls out a treat he will go do tricks for them