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30 Responses

  1. Lost all respect for Covington after hearing what he said. He's nothin to me now. Regardless of how wild Strickland is, he is one of the most honest and genuine people out there. Colby should retire and go away.

  2. No I think he right it’s easy to make a fight in the ufc real but making a fight in the movie look real is one of the most difficult things to do

  3. What s up with Hill then …. Nothing adesanya is gonna help with…. Maybe switch that up …. Get.a mirror & o st have a quick look…. Even just a peek

  4. And coming from a dude that fcks with colby hes completely wrong. All Uncle Mike needs is 1 shot to the body then pivot and hit him blindside. Guaranteed knockout unless theg signed contracts with no head knockouts which i dont doubt jakes ho ass did

  5. Do people realize that wasn't Sean Omalley? But it's being reported on? It was a spoof joke. Look at the clown wig.
    Still funny though begging for someone to say ur name.
    Marab is funny, he's leaning into it. This is gonna be fun.

  6. I despise Colby but he is speaking facts Mike Tyson did not look good in his last fight against Jones 4 years ago. He's going to be a lot worse this fight

  7. I still don’t understand why anyone wants to interview Colby Covington these days, he’s washed up, aside from that he NEVER was actually intelligent or honest and interesting anyways. Let’s forget him and forget Trump and get back to paying attention to shit that isn’t corrupt and narcissistic like those two are. That would be great.

  8. Obviously the acting is harder. Dude gets paid boat loads of money to get beat up every time he enters an octagon. Don't need to put out a whole lot of effort to get your ass kicked.

  9. all stupid ufc company faces like bisping and dc trying to sell us thats its right koed portier should get title shot prior gaethje….that's not fair no matter what

  10. you got a room full of comedian and they all lack context, Mcnuggets was saying acting is only tougher in the sense that its 16 hour days and not 25mins of giving everything. Jesus christ MMA world you're as corny as they come.

  11. "Oh come on, what's harder acting in a movie or fighting Khabib again?" 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    Joe straight up murdered conor lmfao