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Abonnez-vous à Full Mount MMA : ► MÉDIAS SOCIAUX : Twitter ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 00:00 – Khabib répond à GSP en disant qu'il le battrait 00:58 – Chris Weidman dit que malgré une fracture à la jambe, il peut toujours être élite 03:04 – Mike Perry lors de l'avant-combat se sent 04:11 – Sean Strickland EXIGE un match revanche DDP 05:01 – Jamahal Hill RÉAGIT à la « clause contractuelle » d'Alex Pereira 07:00 – Top commentaires LIENS : #UFC #MMA #UFC300

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  1. Sean's just being real.I doubt it's about the belt as much as the win for Sean. All these haters on here crying harder than they accuse Sean of crying… He's f'n human,not a g'dam God. Plus,Sean's right anyway;he's the only guy still standing after fighting DDP,and DDP looked more like a clown on his way to the hospital after the match while Sean went skiing the next day. And big,bad Bobby Knuckles,Mr. "Ever the Contender" got his a$$ handed to him by a guy that Sean went on to beat.. ..Sean already wore out Izzy. There is no other contender at 185 until after Sean and DDP fight again,period.

  2. Actually, here in Toronto, the majority of fans were supporting Sean Strickland over DDP. The crowd was for Sean and not Du Plessis. Sean really is bad loser. For all the talking about « manhood »… can’t even accept a result like a man. Yeah I know the judges got it wrong but he ain’t the first victim of that in combat sports.

  3. Strickland has Major Issues. The More videos he puts out, the more it shows you, he doesn’t need Anymore head trauma. Nuts by 40 from all his Trauma in his life & fighting isn’t all of it. Hope he GETS THERAPY

  4. Weidman isnt wrong about his skills. Every pro that trained with him said he was the best. However, his durability is shot and he is getting older.

  5. I didn’t see a problem with anything Sean said. Not even close but the degenerate “MMA community” whoever the hell that really is, always are the bitchers, the complainers, the judgers, the Muslim bigots, while being anonymous and ingenuous, they are not all who they claim to be, working for Soros.

  6. Strickland has pretty much replaced all his real fans who watch the sport with people who dont watch UFC but agree with his views.

  7. Khabib is on record as saying that GSP was his father's favorite fighter.
    The respect between these two champions is great and there is no other fight that I would have liked to have seen than Khabib vs GSP!