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23 Responses

  1. Merab with the STUPID ASS video? 😂😂😂 Yeah, I'm sure a striking PHENOM is absolutely terrified of your FAILED takedown attempts!!!! Ever held water??? Well, that's about what you're going to be trying to do. Suga Sean IS the REAL DEAL and you're getting KTFO!!!! For the 1000th time, MARK MY WORDS!!!!

  2. Sean and his fans love to hear himself talk. It doesn’t take much to herd sheep, just tell em what they like to hear!

    Edit: still better than Colby tho 😉

  3. Strickland is right tho, he definitely deserves a rematch, especially when both parties agreed. If he loses again, then he definitely needs to "climb that ladder again."

  4. If sean thinks he has leverage on the UFC cause hes gotten a little famous then he really let the fame get to his head. UFC doesnt give af if he leaves. This is like when henry tried to call ufcs bluff with his retirement to get more money but instead the UFC just let him walk no resistance lmao