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Après l'événement principal des poids mouches de l'#UFC entre Erin Blanchfield et Manon Fiorot, Mike Heck, Jed Meshew et José Youngs de #MMA Fighting réagissent à la tête d'affiche cruciale, ainsi qu'aux autres moments forts de l'événement #UFCAtlanticCity de samedi. Rejoignez cette chaîne pour accéder à des avantages : Abonnez-vous à MMA Fighting sur YouTube : Abonnez-vous à The MMA Hour sur iTunes : Abonnez-vous à The MMA Hour sur Spotify : Abonnez-vous au flux MMA Fighting sur iTunes : Consultez notre catalogue vidéo complet : Visitez nos playlists : Aimez MMAF sur Facebook : Suivez sur Twitter : En savoir plus : MMA Fighting est votre foyer pour des interviews exclusives, des spectacles en direct et bien plus encore pour l'un des sports à la croissance la plus rapide au monde. Recevez les dernières nouvelles et plus encore ici :

12 Responses

  1. @shauhnalshatti what did I say. I hate to be wrong here too. I told you manot would beat her easy she wasn't getting it to the ground and she'd get push and side kicked to death. Champion in wait … no she ain't shavkat. She's got no striking and against someone who with take down defense she likely loses.

  2. 3:38 @jedmeshew she wouldn't strike against the lower girls either, Shaun said she was the shavkat and champion in waiting. You said it to the champion itln waiting she got holes. It was clear to me before this fight.

  3. Rough night for Erin. But she'll be back. She's got plenty of time. Congratulations to Manon on a brilliant performance.

  4. To be honest I don’t even see Erin beating Rose right now. I think Maycee could compete with Erin right now too. But still she’s only 24…

  5. Refs were horrible tonight. Terrible stoppage in Luque fight, learn who you're reffing as no punches even landed clean and no warning. Yes I know Buckley was winning but was a joke of a stoppage

  6. @mikeheck_jr I don't wonder how good hill is, I have no idea how people are still sleeping on him. Looks clear to me. Hill by KO amd if not by decision vs Alex.

  7. brooo Jed trying to rewrite history like he didn't say Blanchfield was "The next champion" and "better than everyone in the weight class" LMAO love ya Jed but you're selling wolf tickets brother😂

  8. Do you guys still think Blanchfield should move up to bantamweight? Imagine what someone with size and power like Aldana would do to her.