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#ufc #ufcvegas89 UFC Fight Night Vegas 89 Ribas contre Namajunas, Talbott contre Saaiman et bien d'autres ! Merci d'avoir écouté la diffusion en direct de mon compagnon de combat complet, faites-moi savoir ce que vous pensez dans la section commentaires ci-dessous. Rejoignez The Beanie Cult pour avoir accès aux flux de questions-réponses MMA en direct réservés aux membres. Aimez et abonnez-vous !

24 Responses

  1. 00:01 – Intro

    00:15 – Mohammad Usman vs Mick Parkin

    00:15:05 – Igor Severino vs Andre Lima

    00:41:00 – Montserrat Rendon vs Dariya Zheleznykova

    01:07:00 – Jarno Errens vs Steven Nguyen

    01:36:00 – Miles Johns vs Cody Gibson

    02:02:00 – Ricardo Ramos vs Julian Erosa

    02:16:00 – Kurt Holobaugh vs Trey Ogden

    02:55:00 – Fernando Padilla vs Luis Pajuelo

    03:15:00 – Billy Quarantillo vs Youssef Zalal

    03:45:00 – Payton Talbott vs Cameron Saaiman

    04:15:00 – Edmen Shahbazyan vs AJ Dobson

    04:35:00 – Karl Williams vs Justin Tafa

    05:10:00 – Amanda Ribas vs Rose Namajunas

  2. The best thing that could have happened in the Rendon v Zheleznyakova fight would have been if Zheleznyakova did a teep kick right up the centre of

    Rendon's bra and pinged it off into the crowd and the ref says fight on, Zheleznyakova working them puppies like a speedball would definetly make me like womens MMA a lot more! 👀

  3. Kyle you’re 100% doing oxy ,your voice is dragging , you got the pissed off opiate high , where you getting embarrassingly emotionally mad and trying to say like truly hurtful things just because when you’re on that high it just is so hard to not be a douchebag..your pupils are pinned out , you’re looking for things to be annoyed about cuz that’s just how the opiated high goes . You’re personality has literally changed within a few months you’ve become so agitated and irritable .. cut if out now before you actually kick it when you’re sick for it