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12 Responses

  1. I dunno why but Thug Rose has always kinda rubbed me the wrong way. You guys hit the nail on the head with the “I’m the best” thing.
    E Casey is a legit pimp 🫡

  2. If rose needs pat bery in her camp and corner because of emotional support a d what not, OK no problem……

    But she needs her original coach Trevor wittman who complity changed her original berserk style of fight into the technical fighter with elit boxing that she is now.

    It's not even an exageration to call Trevor genius, I saw through several years enough of his corner work, his work in training camp, how he trains his opponent, and interviews of him talking to know he is absolutely a genius coach for mma and especially for striking.

    I will only give pat berry this, even tho his corner advice and game plan a lot of times aren't very good maybe at best they are alright , at the very least advice doesn't put rose in danger it's not like he gives her advice that made her hurt herself badly , so from this side it's not the worst.


  3. If Ribas does that to Namajunas, Blanchfield absolutely destroys her.

    Can we just start treating her like an also ran now. It's like the UFC can never move on from big name female fighters, the way they do big name male fighters. Allow new stars to be created; we don't have to keep going back to Holm and Namajunas all the time and giving them a million chances/main events.

  4. How can these guys be real fight fans and not know Diego Sanchez got bit by Mickey Gall you tube it there is a video of Diego showing the mark he just didn’t cry to the ref about it. They are truly pretty much casuals