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24 Responses

  1. My favorite approach to the makeup argument is from the Davocate. She doesn't tell the ladies men don't care. She lists off the prices, then tells them how much SHE paid for essentially the same stuff. And she always pays something like 20% of what these women on Ticktock say they do. Dadvocate shows them for what they are: financially illiterate.

  2. 4:46

    This makeup cost bs is typical fmale math. The true cost should be calculated by 'how much used per date', not f*ckin retail.
    Calculate the amount you are using, the fractions of pennies it cost to apply lipstick, the fractions of pennies it cost to use primer(Foundation…lol) etc not the entire f*cking stick you goofballs. And really, if properly calculated, their whole costume will cost less than 15-20 bucks, no cap.

  3. I don't know if the chick understands that Alex makes money putting people in the Hospital for much less shit that the monkey dance she is doing in his face

  4. why does she feel the need to intimidate alex pereira? i think she wants to be put in her place and be made ready to have his baby because this is like poking a sleeping bear here.

  5. The woman that compares women to cars saying the expensive ones cause people to walk out of the dealership. I think in this analogy, she's like a 2010 Honda Civic that's got 250k miles clocked just from all the people taking it for a test drive that they're wanting $100k for.
    Massively overvalued, older model, well used.

  6. Doo wop was playing when the second vid of the two girls started and that whole song is perfect, so many lines in that songs that apply to these girls but my favorite . "Showing off your ass 'cause you're thinking it's a trend" That Thing that thing that thing

  7. Men Stop simping, women need to be invested in relationships, split checks on dates! No more gold diggers or free food dates for manipulative self centered women! They don't need no man! Lead with personality, not your wallet and they will show you their personality!